Downtowner DC Aug. 8, 2018

3 Metro Lines to Avoid in August
From Aug. 11 to 26, there will be a 24/7 shutdown of Metro’s Blue Line and single-tracking throughout the Orange and Silver Lines. Metro has told riders to use those lines only “if you have no other option.” The work will include fixing rails, fasteners and other parts of the tracks, particularly along a tight curve between the McPherson Square and Smithsonian stations.

Arrest Made in Columbia Heights Stabbing
Alton Rivers, 54, was charged with second-degree murder for the fatal stabbing of Anthony Anderson, 68, on July 27. Both men are from Northwest D.C. The stabbing happened in the 3600 block of 14th Street NW in Columbia Heights, according to police. Anderson was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Mayor’s Liaison Fired After Run-In
Russell Rowe, a Ward 3 community liaison for Mayor Muriel Bowser, has been fired for making inappropriate comments to a woman in an elevator, then following her. The woman told her supervisor and Rowe proceeded to curse at the man and try to punch him. He was taken away in leg shackles, immediately placed on administrative leave and later received a termination notice.

Alligator Rescued from D.C. Home
A Southeast D.C. home is now alligator-free, thanks to a rescue operation led by the Humane Rescue Alliance. A five-foot alligator was seized from a basement and relocated to an animal refuge. The gator, mistakenly identified as a caiman (another crocodilian) was found resting in a pink kiddie pool before being wrangled into a plastic bin.

D.C. Cat Hoarder Arrested
In other animal news, Louis Kirksey Jr. was arrested July 31 for having 21 cats in his home on Darrington Street SW: 11 dead and 10 neglected, according to reports. The living cats were rescued and transferred to the Humane Rescue Alliance. Some are now part of the Blue Collar Cats program, which helps outdoor cats find alternative homes, and one is up for adoption.

Trebek Suggests CNN Analyst as Successor
“Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek suggested Laura Coates as a possible replacement if he were to retire soon. Trebek’s contract runs out in 2020 and he said there’s a 50-50 chance he’llleave the show, the Washington Business Journal reported. Along with regular appearances on CNN as a legal analyst, Coates is a professorial lecturer at George Washington University Law School.



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