National Portrait Gallery Honors John McCain With Memorial Photo (video)

The National Portrait Gallery today honored the life and legacy of the late John McCain by hanging his photograph for an indefinite period in the museum’s In Memoriam space on the first floor near the G Street entrance. This portrait of the late Senator was taken in 2005 by Steve Pyke, who at the time was a staff photographer for The New Yorker.

“The National Portrait Gallery, whenever possible, will place on view an image of a significant American when they pass away. And there was no question that John McCain qualified for that kind of tribute” said Ann M. Shumard, senior curator of photography. “This portrait captures John McCain on Capitol Hill…it really is an environmental portrait in the sense that it gives us a context for his life and career.”

View Jeff Malet’s short video as curator Shumard reveals the photo of John McCain to the public on August 27.


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