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At this time two years ago, we were opining about the main presidential contenders,offering the aside, “voters have never before been faced with a duo of candidates who carry more baggage than an oil sheik embarking on a private jet.”

What a difference two years make — and what a difference the midterm elections across the nation can make.

Sadly, in the nation’s capital, citizens of the District of Columbia still lack full voting rights and representation. Nevertheless, we press on.

Do we have opinions on other state and local campaigns? Of course, but we are here for D.C. matters.

Locally, The Georgetowner endorses:

Mayor Muriel Bowser, for her ability to see a pathway to the middle class and to prosperity, and for her balancing attention to development opportunities and demands with attention to the needs of everyday residents. For her enthusiasm and practicality, maybe even vision, Bowser deserves reelection.

Phil Mendelson, as Council Chair, for reelection. He has done remarkably well dealing with the different voices of the Council. With practicality upfront and idealism in the background, he is the right man for the job.

— For the At-Large Council seats, out of a field of six, we prefer dependable incumbent Anita Bonds, a Democrat, and endorse a newcomer — although with lots of business and political experience — Dionne Reeder, Independent.

Incidentally, we find it amusing that two candidates on the ballot, both Libertarians, have the last name of “Henchman.” Nevertheless, it looks like Mendelson and Attorney General Karl Racine will be easily reelected.

Now to our neighborhood races. There are 10 candidates for eight seats on the Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2E). Check your D.C. Voter’s Guide to find your district.

— ANC candidates running unopposed are Joe Gibbons (SMD 2E02); Rick Murphy (SMD 2E03); Anna Landre (SMD 2E04), replacing Mara Goldman; Lisa Palmer (SMD 2E05); Elizabeth Miller (SMD 2E07), who is endorsed by outgoing Monica Roaché; and Matias Burdman (SMD 2E08), running as a write-in to succeed Zachary Schroepfer. The Georgetowner endorses them all.

Those competing for the other seats are commissioners Ed Solomon (SMD 2E01) and Jim Wilcox (SMD 2E06), being challenged by Kishan Putta and Gwendolyn Lohse, respectively.

— For SMD 01, The Georgetowner has considered the long-serving Solomon loyal to the community with his business and public safety acumen, among his other talents. He has been involved with several local groups or boards, perhaps too much and perhaps somewhat in conflict. As an advisory neighborhood commissioner, Solomon voted for removing 45 to 48 parking spaces along K Street at the waterfront last year, but also voted against that same plan as a board member of the Georgetown Business Association. Hmm, he was against it before he was for it. It’s time — in the spirit of rotation and fresh ideas — for a new commissioner, and Burleith may have found one in candidate Kishan Putta.

A former commissioner in Dupont Circle, now living in Burleith with his wife andinfant son, Putta writes, “I’m running to be a more proactive commissioner whohelps make it easier for residents to get involved.” That’s fine, but he really knows his stuff — look for his “polite persistence” in dealing with city officials. The Georgetowner endorses Kishan Putta. He will provide a different and bright perspective here.

— For SMD 06, The Georgetowner endorses Jim Wilcox, who has shown himself to be immediately responsive to his constituents, a thorough researcher of any problem, willing to work long and hard to get it right. His opponent, Gwendolyn Lohse, while earnest, has not convinced us she is preferable to Wilcox. Keeping it real, The Georgetowner endorses Wilcox, a good man to have on your team.

To all: Be sure to vote Nov. 6.



2 comments on “The Georgetowner Endorses …”

  • Carole Lewis anderson says:

    I find these At-Large endorsements shocking, and suggest a lack of awareness on your part of how this city is being governed right now. The Mayor continues to try to put non-oppositional friends on the Council. Lissa Silverman is the Mayor’s current target. Why? Because she takes her role as lead oversight of the District government agencies seriously. She — almost alone of the at-large council members — listens to the People. That should be common in a democratic regime.
    I truly am shocked: could it be that you are a beneficiary of the Mayor”s largess? After all, DC is the proven number one jurisdiction in “Pay-to-Play”. But, you must be aware of that embarrassment.

  • Paco Fimbres says:

    Kishan Putta will get the job done. He is persistent and assertive. Kishan is a policy wonk, but more importantly a true get in the weeds kind of public servant. He is not afraid of hard work. Kishan is strategic and innovative. Ed Solomon has served with dignity and distinction, but his time has passed. These days Ed is more interested in taking pictures with celebrities and local politicians, relaxing with old political allies and patrons, attending fancy parties and flexing his political muscle when defied by local businesses. He has lost touch. Time for new leadership and vision. Kishan will get the job done!

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