Wolf Blitzer’s Night of Friendly ‘Fire’

Wolf Blitzer flanked by Dana Bash and Gloria Borger. Photo by Neshan H. Naltchayan.Traudel Lange, Sari Hornstein and Carmen Liebeler dancing to sound of Mosche Snowden and Mosche Brass at the 2018 Summer Solstice Party. Photo by Tanya Green Photography.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer — a real “Mensch” — attracted a star-studded group of “Roasters” May 15 at the American News Women’s Club Annual Gala at the National Press Club. Blitzer “pals” included Paxton Baker, former BET executive, Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Susan Page and Jay Shaylor. G-Wiz, the Washington Wizards team mascot, a Blitzer favorite, showed up, too.

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