Conspiracy Theory Links 5G to COVID-19

Do 5G broadband systems — dominated by research and production in China — transmit COVID-19? That was one of the latest conspiracy theories making the internet rounds. A joke, until it wasn’t, the purported 5G threat actually popped up a year ago.

As a result, 5G plans in Belgium, Switzerland and other countries were placed on hold until radiation could be accurately measured. No evidence was found.

In Britain, reported the New York Times on April 10, “more than 30 acts of arson and vandalism have taken place against wireless towers and other telecom gear this month, according to police reports and a telecom trade group. In roughly 80 other incidents in the country, telecom technicians have been harassed on the job.”

“Several people have asked me about it,” Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (and local 5G expert) Joe Gibbons told The Georgetowner. “I don’t see how any tower could transmit COVID-19,” he concluded. “But what is clear from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we need a broader, faster internet connection, dedicated especially for first responders and medical personnel. We have to get the technical firms here to figure out how to do it and produce the technology domestically.”


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