ANC 2E Monday: Pinto, 3000 M, Frat House, Foxtrot

Rendering of new look for the former Latham Hotel site at 3000 M St. NW. Courtesy Thor Equities.

The Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2E) will hold its September meeting, 6:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 31, virtually — via Zoom or a conference call.

Here’s your chance to hear neighborhood issues and review business and residential design concepts.

The following is the agenda, as provided by ANC 2E.

Online at:

In accordance with the “COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020” and current DC Health limitations on mass gatherings, this meeting will be held online via Zoom and can be accessed at the link above (there is no fee or account needed to use Zoom).

If you do not have a computer or access to the internet, you may join the meeting via phone at 301-715-8592 or 646-558-8656 with meeting ID 848 4469 5769 #.

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the ANC’s August 31, 2020, Meeting Agenda

Approval of the ANC’s June 29, 2020, Meeting Minutes


Public Safety and Police Report

Community Comment

Update from the Mayor’s Office

Update from Council member Brooke Pinto

Update from the Georgetown BID

Update from the Georgetown Business Association

Update from Georgetown Main Street

Update from the Citizens Association of Georgetown

Update from the Burleith Citizens Association

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Application by Fountain Inn for a New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant License at 1659 Wisconsin Avenue NW (ABRA-116996)

Application by GothWine Limited Liability Company for a New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant License at 2622 P Street NW (ABRA-116925)

Old Georgetown Board

Full Review at This Time by ANC 2E: The ANC proposes to adopt a resolution regarding the following projects, which are on the upcoming September 3, 2020, agenda of the Old Georgetown Board (OGB).

1. SMD 2E03 – OG 20-262 (HPA 20-456) 1408 35th Street NW (Square 1247, Lot 125) Residence Side and rear additions, shutter replacement, side yard gate, and landscaping Permit

2. SMD 2E03 – OG 20-238 (HPA 20-432) 3401 Prospect Street, NW (Square 1221, Lot 86) Residence Rooftop deck above garage Permit

3. SMD 2E05 – OG 20-217 1049 30th Street, NW Commercial Alterations, site work Concept (HPA 20-386) (Square 1192, Lot 815)

4. SMD 2E05 – OG 19-225 1218 31st Street, NW (Square 1208, Lot 47) Commercial Rear structure Concept

5. SMD 2E05 – OG 20-160 (HPA 20-285) 3000 M Street NW (Square 1197, Lot 862, 863, 7000 through 7008) Commercial Construction of a eight story mixed use building Concept

6. SMD 2E05 – OG 20-245 (HPA 20-439) 3128 N Street, NW (Square 1208, Lot 833) Residence Basement addition at rear; new shutters, light fixtures, and fence on front elevation Concept

7. SMD 2E05 – TBD (HPA TBD) 3400-3500 Block of Water Street, NW (Square 1177-1178, Lot 800) Public Right of Way Sidewalk installation by DDOT Permit

8. SMD 2E05 – OG 20-243 (HPA 20-437) 2818 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (Square 1195, Lot 817) Commercial (HPA 19-428) Rear and rooftop addition, roof deck Concept

9. SMD 2E05-OG20-227 (HPA20-421) 1267 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Square 1208, Lot 881) Commercial New sidewalk café Permit

10. SMD 2E06-OG20-253 (HPA20-447) 1231 31st Street NW (Square 1209, Lot 46) Residence Alterations to side yard gate, infill swimming pool, landscaping modifications Concept

11.SMD 2E06-OG20-247 (HPA20-441) 1231-1235 31st Street NW (Square 1209, Lot 46) Residence New balcony on rear elevation Concept

12. SMD 2E07-OG20-260 (HPA20-454) 2715 Q Street, NW (Square 1285, Lot 801, 813, 814) Dumbarton House Signage and lighting Concept

13.SMD2E07-OG20-234 (HPA20-428) 3023 Dent Place, NW (Square 1282, Lot 239) Residence New garage door, replacement fence, and new flagstone pavers in rear yard Permit

No Comment at This Time by ANC 2E: The following projects, which are on the upcoming September 3, 2020, agenda of the Old Georgetown Board (OGB), have not been added to the ANC meeting agenda for OGB-related design review, and we do not propose to adopt a resolution regarding them at this time. If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, August 28, 2020.

1. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-213 (HPA 20-382) 1653 34th Street, NW (Square 1290, Lot 250) Residence Rear addition Concept

2. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-228 (HPA 20-422) 1707 34th Street, NW  (Square 1298, Lot 818) Residence Relocate front entry Permit

1. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-219 (HPA 20-401) 3402 Q Street, NW (Square 1274, Lot 804) Residence Roof replacement Permit

2. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-230 (HPA 20-424) 3412 Q Street, NW (Square 2537, Lot 2502) Residence Roof replacement Permit

3. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-224 (HPA 20-413) 3235 R Street, NW (Square 2154, Lot 18) Residence Fence replacement Permit

4. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-229 (HPA 20-423) 3229 Volta Place, NW (Square 1272, Lot 800) Residence Rooftop solar panels Permit

5. SMD 2E02 – OG 20-209 (HPA 20-378) 1659 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Square 1280, Lot 90) Commercial Rear addition Concept

6. SMD 2E03 – OG 20-252 (HPA 20-446) 3343 – 3345 Prospect Street, NW (Square 1220, Lot 30) Commercial Signs – Greenheart Juice Shop Permit

7. SMD 2E03 – OG 20-256 (HPA 20-450) 1511 33rd Street, NW (Square 1255, Lot 814) Residence Replace shutters and light fixture on front elevation Permit

8. SMD 2E03 – OG 20-246 (HPA 20-440) 3257 N Street, NW (Square 1230, Lot 817) Residence Replace garage and pedestrian doors Concept

9. SMD 2E03-OG20-259 (HPA20-453) 3401 N Street, NW (Square 1228, Lot 832) Residence Repair retaining wall Permit

10. SMD 2E03-OG20-232 (HPA20-426) 3420 N Street, NW (Square 1221, Lot 827) Residence Replace/repair front metal stair and stoop Permit

11. SMD 2E03-OG20-226 (HPA20-415) 3322 O Street, NW (Square 1229, Lot 827) Residence New French doors on side elevation Permit

12. SMD 2E03-OG20-240 (HPA20-434) 3122 P Street, NW (Square 1256, Lot 87) Residence Skylight installation at rear porch Permit

13. SMD 2E03-OG20-261 (HPA20-455) 3122 P Street, NW (Square 1256, Lot 87) Residence Site work, porch stair redesign Concept

14. SMD 2E03-OG20-241 (HPA20-435) 3138 P Street, NW (Square 1256, Lot 76) Residence Second floor addition Concept

15. SMD 2E03-OG20-248 (HPA20-442) 3323 P Street, NW (Square 1254, Lot 223) Residence Alterations to existing garage Permit

16. SMD 2E03-OG20-225 (HPA20-414) 3403 P Street, NW (Square 1253, Lot 149) Residence Roof replacement Permit

17. SMD 2E03-OG20-114 (HPA20-203) 3123 Dumbarton Street, NW (Square 1243, Lot 831) Residence Remove front porch Concept

18. SMD 2E05-OG20-223 (HPA20-410) 1029 31st Street, NW (Square 1190, Lot 70) Multi-family residence Rear addition, underpinning, window replacements Permit

19. SMD 2E05-OG20-251 (HPA20-445) 1211 33rd Street, NW(Square 1206, Lot 807) Single-family residence Replace windows and doors; cornice work and repainting Permit

20. SMD 2E05-OG20-235 (HPA20-429) 3131 M Street, NW (Square 1208, Lot 55) Commercial Signage for Levain Bakery Permit

21. SMD 2E05-OG20-110 (HPA20-199) 3222 M Street, NW (Square 1200, Lot 868) Commercial Comprehensive Sign Plan Concept

22. SMD 2E05-OG20-233 (HPA20-427) 1046 Potomac Street, NW (Square 1186, Lot 801) Commercial Blade sign replacement – Blue Bottle Coffee Permit

23. SMD 2E05-OG20-257 (HPA20-451) 1061 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW (Square 1197, Lot 71) Office building Rear addition, structural repair, and exterior alterations Permit

24. SMD 2E06-OG20-210 (HPA20-379) 1352 28th Street, NW (Square 1240, Lot 869) Residence Replace windows and doors Permit

25. SMD 2E06-OG20-197 (HPA20-366) 2801 M Street, NW (Square 1212, Lot 834) Commercial Alterations Permit

26. SMD 2E06-OG20-239 (HPA20-433) 2924 N Street, NW (Square 2011, Lot 829) Residence Rooftop mechanical unit and ductwork – existing alteration without review Permit

27. SMD 2E06-OG20-255 (HPA20-449) 2710 O Street, NW (Square 1239, Lot 162) Residence Roof replacement on rear brick shed Concept

28. SMD2E06-OG20-244 (HPA20-438) 2908 O Street, NW (Square 1241, Lot 813) Residence Alterations Permit

29. SMD 2E06-OG20-263 (HPA20-457) 3024 Q Street, NW (Square 1269, Lot 360) Residence New canopy at rear Permit

30. SMD 2E06-OG20-242 (HPA20-436) 1508 Dumbarton Rock Court, NW (Square 1269, Lot 902) Residence Replacement and relocation of vent cap Permit

31. SMD 2E06-OG20-250 (HPA20-442) 2907 Olive Street, NW (Square 1211, Lot 827) Residence Install French doors on rear elevation at basement Concept

32. SMD 2E06-OG20-265 (HPA20-459) 3045 West Lane Keys, NW (Square 1269, Lot 350) Residence New portico to replace existing glass front entryway Permit

33. SMD 2E07-OG20-221 (HPA20-408) 1699 31st Street, NW (Square 1282) Residence Restore existing metal fence Permit

34. SMD 2E07-OG20-237 (HPA20-431) 2500 Q Street, NW (Square 1264E, Lot 2273) Multi-family residence Waterproofing, new expansion joint Permit

35. SMD 2E07-OG20-254 (HPA20-448) 2500 Q Street, NW (Square 1264E, Lot 27) Multi-family residence New antennas and antenna replacement – AT&T Permit

36. SMD 2E07-OG20-236 (HPA20-430) 2527-31 Q Street, NW (Square 1287, Lot 2003) Multi-family residence Window replacement Permit

37. SMD 2E07-OG20-249 (HPA20-443) 3023 Q Street, NW (Square 1282, Lot 806) Residence Two-story rear addition; Alterations Revised permit

38. SMD 2E07-OG20-231 (HPA20-425) 3120 R Street, NW (Square 1281, Lot 32) Multi-family residence Replace existing concrete pad at rear of building Permit

39. SMD 2E07-OG20-220 (HPA20-403) 3025 Dent Place, NW (Square 1282, Lot 239) Residence Replacement windows Permit

40. SMD 2E07-OG20-222 (HPA20-409) 3033 Dent Place, NW (Square 1282, Lot 104) Residence Metal stair repair and replacement Permit

Government of the District of Columbia: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E

3265 S St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

202-724-7098 —

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