Parking Enforcement Ramps Up in D.C.

Another sure sign that things are slowly getting back to normal: parking enforcement is ramping up in D.C. The District will be monitoring parking around schools this month as students continue to return to classrooms.

There had previously been a long break from ticketing in those zones due to the ongoing global health pandemic. The Washington Post reported that, as the year progresses, drivers should expect to see stricter parking enforcement in other areas, not only in school zones.

Starting today, March 15 (fittingly, the Ides of March), if you violate parking regulations near a school, the Department of Public Works will issue a warning; fines will begin next Monday, March 22. Expect to see more ticketing of vehicles parked at expired parking meters and without current residential parking permits, too.

Mayor Muriel Bowser stated that, as city activity continues to climb, full parking enforcement will resume at some point in the near future.

The District’s parking ticket revenue fell by half last year, as people adhered to stay-at-home orders. According to DCist, revenue plummeted from $122 million in 2019 to $62 million in 2020.


3 comments on “Parking Enforcement Ramps Up in D.C.”

  • N. MUHAMMAD says:

    They still made millions while millions made $0.00!!! Bowser is so out of touch with reality it’s ridiculously hilarious. Wards 1-5 her prized wards while 6,7, and 8 are forgotten. Until election time that is and they come to thoes wards in droves ready to pander to the people per usual. Big head Bowser needs to be voted out. We need a more in touch mayor because she’s is not it!!

  • Jason Taylor says:

    There is a great need for PE in SE sector Fairlawn Ave ,you have Md drivers dropping their wreck vehicles in the area,and PE will not ticket or tow ,this law need to be reversed to only D.C. residents vehicles

  • Carla Bicks says:

    I certainly hope they will ticket out of state cars who park on Georgetown streets day after day…all day.

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