Now Online: D.C.’s Parking Permit System

Parking headaches? Here’s some relief.

Residents in need of parking spaces for their guests and workers will now have streamlined systems on hand, according to the District’s Department of Transportation. On July 1, DDOT launched “ParkDC Permits” — a “new, centralized digital system for D.C. residents and their visitors to manage visitor, temporary, home health aide, and contractor parking permits via a single online [web] portal.”

The new online system replaces the previous permitting operation that relied on city-issued placards which were too easily lost, stolen or illicitly sold. ParkDC Permits is designed to make visitor parking “easier, safer and more efficient” by allowing qualified residents to print out their own permits and manage their permit accounts using simple mobile apps available for both iPhone and Android users.

According to a DDOT press release, the new ParkDC Permits program is “digital, centralized, and easy to use. It will eliminate permit abuse and free up parking for residents and their visitors because it is license-plate-based. Approval for permits with this new system will be instant, saving time for all parties.”

Available to all residents who live on blocks that require residential parking permits (RPPs), the new online visitor parking system allows residents to permit one person to park for an unlimited amount of time or allow multiple people to park simultaneously for up to 90 days.

“ParkDC Permits is another example of the Bowser Administration’s efforts to streamline government services and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of the District,” said Acting DDOT Director Everett Lott. “This new technology consolidates the entire visitor parking permit process to make it more user-friendly and convenient to manage from the comfort of home.”

Residents who don’t have a printer at home may use DDOT kiosks, public libraries, and local police stations. For those without smartphones, DDOT has established a 24-hour helpline at: (202) 671-2631. Instructional videos on the new system are also available at the ParkDC Permits website.

Jacob Fensten, a city resident and reporter for DCist, vouched for the new ParkDC Permits system. “As a veteran user of D.C.’s visitor parking passes — from visiting relatives to visiting contractors — I can attest the new system is indeed easier. I had the opportunity to use it this morning when someone working on our house called minutes before arriving and needed to park.”

To access ParkDC Permits’ website, go to: Registration will require your name, DMV ID, address and date of birth.

The ParkDCPermits mobile app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play. For in-person assistance, go to DDOT’s headquarters at 55 M St. SE on top of the Navy Yard Metro station, or visit DDOT’s kiosks at MPD District Stations across all eight D.C. wards.


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