Body Recovered From the C&O Canal

A body was pulled out of the C&O Canal between 33rd and 34th Streets NW late Friday afternoon. Metropolitan Police Department investigators were on the scene with a tent on the towpath at the foot of the mule bridge that goes over the canal at 34th Street, which was blocked by police cruisers on M Street. The towpath was also closed. The body was moved over the bridge to a vehicle waiting on 34th Street, next to Francis Scott Key Park, just east of Key Bridge.

An observer said that the body appeared to be that of a white male, of an undetermined age. There are no details yet on cause of death or how long ago the death occurred or by which means.

This is a developing story; more details to follow.

A body recovered from the C&O Canal near the mule bridge at 34th Street. Georgetowner photo.


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