Duly Noted Delights Along Wisconsin Ave. 

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Chris Allen has always had a passion for beautiful stationery and for the last decade, an idea for a paper goods store was in the back of his mind.

“Throughout the pandemic, I was feeling more and more drawn to the idea of doing something I was passionate about, something that didn’t feel like work,” Allen said. “Fast forward to New Year’s Day morning 2021, [co-owner and husband] Tobin asked me what my New Year’s resolution was.”

Allen, 34, and Tobin Traxler, 33, were a non-profit worker and teacher, respectively, who decided to take the leap with that conversation. Allen responded to Traxler with his New Year’s resolution: to open their shop. A week or two later, the couple were tossing around name ideas over brunch.

“A few mimosas later, the name Duly Noted came up and it stuck,” Allen said. “Both Tobin and I love a quick sarcastic quip or sharp one-liner and we knew that name would describe the shop perfectly.”

Some of the most popular items at the shop in the 1300 block of Wisconsin Ave. are their greeting card selection and candles. Allen said that Traxler and he tried hard to curate a collection that has a “vast selection that says exactly what you want to say.” They’ve got every celebration covered, from birthdays to engagements and more.

Surprisingly, Duly Noted’s candles are very popular. The locally made candles have become so loved by customers that Traxler often jokes that the two should have opened a candle store!

Perfect for the season: Warm and Cozy Soy Candle | Stoneware Candle Jar from Duly Noted. Photo courtesy shopdulynoted.com.

If you’re looking at some last-minute gift ideas for this holiday season, Allen recommended Appointed notebooks. “An Appointed notebook is the perfect gift for stationery lovers, students or those who like to stay organized,” Allen said.

For those who are difficult to shop for, there are a great selection of curated gift boxes for sale at the shop. Duly Noted’s gift boxes include stationery sets, teas, candles and homemade caramels from Nashville. “These gift boxes also make great hostess gifts for those excited about being able to attend holiday parties again and want to bring a thoughtful thank you gift,” Allen said.

One of the hardest parts of owning a business is finding the balance between business and personal life. Allen shared that he loves waking up and coming into the shop every morning, chatting with customers and meeting new people. “One of the best reviews we have received was from a customer for whom I helped pick out a birthday card for a friend — she said shopping with me was like shopping with your best friend,” Allen said. “However, sometimes that also means long hours and not always finding time for yourself or personal relationships.”

At the end of the day, Allen shared that it is “beyond worth it.” He feels lucky that he has a supportive husband who took a leap of faith with him and understands all the work it takes.

In 2022, the duo plans to continue to grow their curated collection of paper goods from small businesses. Duly Noted sources their products from all over the country and every product they sell was created by someone who has their own unique take on stationery and Duly Noted wants to continue to tell those stories. “I love meeting with customers and hearing about their vision for their own wedding invitations or stationery and then seeing the reaction they have when I’m able to turn that into a custom design on paper,” Allen said.

For more information on Duly Noted, visit their website at https://www.shopdulynoted.com/.





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