2022: What’s Out, What’s In? 

What’s Out?                 What’s In?

Delta                                                                  Omicron

Queen’s Gambit                                               Squid Game

Trump International Hotel, D.C.                 Waldorf Astoria, D.C.

Facebook’s facial recognition                        Meta’s brand recognition

Unruly classrooms                                           Unruly school board meetings

Dogecoin                                                            NFTs

Wow! A Dogecoin! Photo by Rudolphs Klintsons for Pexels.com. 


WVA Senator tours coal mines WVA Senator gives houseboat tours

Evil Voldemort                                     Evil J.K. Rowling

Has Voldemort flipped the tables on author J.K. Rowling? Photo of J.K. Rowling from her IMDb page.


Eye shadow                                                     #shadowwork

Kenn Jennings Advises Aaron Rogers  Aaron Rogers

NASA                                                                Billionaires

Disrupting the virus transmission chain      Disruptions in the supply chain

Presidential cognitive test                            Presidential prostate exam

Can’t keep track of Netflix shows Can’t keep track of streaming subscriptions

Hiking through forest                                   Forest bathing

Keep Workers on the Job                             The Great Resignation

Flight attendant gives passengers pillows  Flight attendant duct tapes passengers

U.S. gymnasts: brave floor routines     U.S. gymnasts: brave testimony  on House floor

Jack Dorsey’s new beard                               Jack Dorsey’s old beard

Sporting a tux at fundraising gala       Sporting a tux for My Pillow Guy interview

Major White House staff overhauls    Major bites visitors to Oval Office

Holidays on Zoom                                                     Family reunions

Shuttered restaurants                                               Ghost kitchens

Pick-up meals only                                                       Crowded streateries

Mask mandates                                                            Masks optional (maybe)

Remote learning                                                         Back to school (Thank God!)

Remote work                                                                Hybrid confusion

Pandemic pets                                                             Pandemic pet psychologists

Workwear sweats and PJs                                         “Hard pants” and real shoes

Peloton and streaming workouts                     Back to the gym

Virtual Performances                                                   IRL

GOP                                                                                   GQP

Governing                                                                      Demagoguing

Voting rights                                                                  Voter suppression

PC                                                                                     Woke

D.C. ward boundaries                                                   Redistricting

Saving                                                                              Spending

Taking American institutions for granted      Fearing for our democracy

Kim and Kanye                                                    Kim and… Pete Davidson?

At the end of 2021, Pete Davidson appears to be the world’s most magnetic man. Photo of Pete Davidson from his IMDb page.


Dieting                                                          Body Positivity

Taylor Swift’s originals                       Taylor Swift’s re-recorded works

Millennial pink                                             Warm tones

Flannels                                                         Shackets (aka Shirt Jackets)

Low-rise jeans                                    High-waisted ’90s jeans

Movie theater premiers                              Movie streaming premiers

Listening to radio                                        Listening to podcasts

Being unvaccinated                                      Being boostered

Cash                                                                 Crypto

Nation building                                             Infrastructure

Contestants Who Speak Recognizable English

on the Great British Baking Show        This Year’s Liverpudlian bakers

Posh Benedict Cumberbatch                  Grizzled cowboy Benedict  Cumberbatch

In 2021, the new grizzled Benedict Cumberbatch has delivered a shock to our posh sensibilities. Photo from Benedict Cumberbatch’s IMBd page.


Feel good stories at end of TV news    Whatever’s recorded on nation’s doorcams

“I once climbed Mt. Everest.”          “I’m a social influencer.”

“I’m a social influencer! Check out my food!” Photo by Blue Bird for Pexels.com.


Canned stadium crowd noises        Actual stadium crowd noises

Flying drones on earth                 Flying drones on Mars

Did we really fly a drone on Mars? Photo by A Koolshooter for Pexels.com. 


Gene editing bad because GMOs        Gene editing good because mRNA vaccines

17-Year cicadas                      Usual annoying bugs and insects


Photo of cicada by Michael Kropiewnicki for Pexels.com.




















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