Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies Comes to DAR, Friday Evening

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Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies will be at DAR Constitution Hall tomorrow as part of his “The Moist Tour.” 

Jefferies created and starred in the FX sitcom “Legit” and had his own Comedy Central late-night hit, The Jim Jefferies Show, from 2017 through 2019.

While working on “Legit” for the two seasons it aired, Jefferies worked with such famous actors as John Ratzenberger (“Cheers”) and Mindy Sterling (the Austin Powers trilogy).  

“I was so excited the other day to see Mindy on a Super Bowl commercial,” Jefferies said, referring to the Austin Powers reunion commercial that aired during the game. “My one son is now eight and Mindy used to take care of him on set.” Jefferies also recalled working with Ratzenberger fondly, calling him a “legend.” “I asked to have him work for me because of how much I loved Cheers,” he added. “He was living in Connecticut and we had to search him out!” 

Jefferies is looking forward to getting back to D.C., as he has enjoyed such adventures here as going to the White House and wandering around the press room. He also mentioned how he remembered the city as having great restaurants. 

“Growing up in Australia, when I’d go visit Canberra, the whole town planning was completely ripped off the town planning of Washington,” he said, sharing a little-known fact about Washington, D.C. and the capital city of Australia. “The whole town layout was exactly the same.” 

When he was young, Jefferies would often visit various monuments and museums for school field trips, much as local children do. 

As far as Friday’s show, you can expect to see a good two to two-and-a-half hours of comedy, with “a few stories, a few sex jokes and some social issues,” he added. If you’ve seen Jefferies’ TV specials before, it’s mostly the same type of humor. 

“The weird thing about stand-up shows is if you get there at the beginning of a tour, you may not get the best show as the comedian is still working out their material,” Jefferies said. “It’s not like a [band] where they’re doing all their old songs.” 

Luckily, Jefferies is one year into his tour and he’s hit his stride. 

“People seem to be more appreciative because they’re so starved for entertainment,” he said. “It’s good for everyone to be back out.” 

Much like the rest of us, Jefferies has had to deal with tour and gig cancelations as well as delayed shows. His family contracted Covid at one point too, including his six-month-old son. He’s been back on stage more regularly the last six months.  

As far as what got Jefferies into comedy in the first place, he said it was simply just watching Australian standup comics on late-night shows as a youth. There was no HBO, no Saturday Night Live and no comedy specials. 

“I just watched a guy do his five minutes on late-night shows,” he said. “Then by 15 years-old I was sneaking into comedy clubs and at 17 I got up and gave it a go a few times.” 

According to Jefferies, being funny was the only thing he was good at. “It was never a choice of academics, sports or comedy,” he chuckled. “I didn’t follow my heart to become a professional football player or a lawyer to please my parents —there weren’t many options for me.” 

Jefferies will be at DAR Constitution Hall tomorrow (Friday February 25) at 7 p.m. More information on tickets can be found here. 



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