Georgetown’s Go-To Veterinarian Hopes to Stay   

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on Britain’s throne, Dr. Lee Morgan marks his own 20th anniversary at the helm of Georgetown Veterinary Hospital at 2916 M St. NW. Georgetowners protect their trees, and they’re famous for their love and care of family pets. It is not uncommon to see U.S. Secret Service on his steps when beloved pets of Georgetowner residents have appointments.  

Morgan attended veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduation in 1996, he worked several years for two animal hospitals in the Washington area before startin his own practice. Following in the hallowed footsteps of Doctors Irving Cashell and Wesley Bayles, who handpicked him to continue his practice, Morgan became Georgetown’s go-to vet in 2002.  

Waiting times tend to be brief so it may not be possible to view the broad range of framed awards. They include recognition from the Metropolitan Police Department for raising money to provide a mobile clinic for police dogs injured in the line of duty, 2008 Veterinarian of the Year, the Seeing Dog for contributions to guide dogs for the blind, the National Geographic Museum for outstanding veterinary services to poison dart frogs in a special exhibition and a National Capital Business Award. Since 2012, Morgan has served as one of the veterinarians for the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska. His volunteer service is fueled by his belief that animals are vital to people’s lives and well-being.  

Morgan is consistently mentioned among Washingtonian Magazine’s best vets. He has lectured internationally, written for countless scientific publications and has completed a book awaiting publication. It is a “family practice” with wife Kris, canine Lucy and feline Oscar on hand to put patients at ease.  

The entire block of M Street between 29th and 30th Street is about to undergo a massive renovation. Morgan is working with the developers in hopes of remaining in or close to his current location. He considers it a privilege to serve Georgetown and plans to do so for many more years to come. As development plans become clearer, let us appreciate the good doctor’s many years of service and rally to ensure our pets’ continued care.    






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