Kids Korner: Georgetown Garden Tour  and Pools 

O Street News May 2022  

I walked in the rain puddles to see the Georgetown Garden Tour. The Tour had many gardens this year, so I had to walk ALL OVER Georgetown. Each garden I saw had something unique about it.  I saw 8 gardens.    

  • At the first garden, I saw fig trees against a brick wall, and lots of different flowers. I like figs. I saw the owner thru the window!! The garden also has a GREAT pool, which I swam in last summer when it was SUPER hot out!   
  • At the second garden, there was a LONG lap pool and a lot of boxwoods. The other people visiting the garden were very friendly.   
  • The third house had a double staircase leading to its BIG garden. I wanted to go up the stairs, but I knew that wasn’t part of the Tour, so I didn’t ask.    
  • The fourth garden had a HUGE – they said 100 years old  – Wisteria vine and a view of the Kennedy Center. (It also had a pool, which I swam in last summer with my friend Ellie who loves to jump and splash.)  
  • The 5th house had a covered area with dry seats. There was a garden pot designed to be a man’s head and the pot had a grass plant growing out of the top of the pot that looked like hair.  I may try to make something creative like that.    
  • The 6th garden had a pool with pretend lily pads in it. I wanted to get the lily pads, but I would have had to swim in the pool to get them, which isn’t part of the Tour. The woman running the tour has a beautiful house in Maine, which I visited.   
  • The 7th garden had tall, tall, tall birch trees, a long water feature in the middle, and sculptures of a turtle, two frogs and a bunny. I knew the woman running this garden. She is my neighbor, and she has a cute dog that loves chasing tennis balls.   

 I can’t WAIT for next year’s Tour because I bet the gardens will be even more beautiful. Plus, I am going to try to ride my new bike to each Garden, even up the hills.     









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