What Dogs Can Teach Us on National Dog Day

How fitting that National Dog Day is tomorrow, Aug. 26, perfectly settled into the lazy, hazy dog days of summer. We’re all enjoying the last bit of relaxing sunshine before the hectic routines of autumn take hold.

Let us all enjoy these “dog days of summer” tomorrow on National Dog Day with our own furry best friends. Dogs have a lot to teach us about self-care. Now is indeed the time to take a minute, perhaps a few days (or even a week) for yourself. Think about your dog lying in the rays of sunshine in your kitchen, not a care in the world. We should all be a little more like them, don’t you think?

Unconditional Love

Dogs don’t care what we look like. They don’t have any clue what the scale says, if our hair is frizzy or if we just turned 21 or 81. They love us for exactly who we are. It’s the best feeling in the world when your dog snuggles with you after a long day. Why not show that same unconditional love to your own family? Don’t be afraid to hug or say I love you. Life’s too short for that—and dogs realize that from day one.

Be Patient

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nudged my Frenchie Tito off me while I was trying to get work done. I occasionally scold him saying, “Go play with your ball” or something along those lines. I now stop and play with him a bit, which in turn relieves my anxiety and brings Tito great joy. Since tomorrow is indeed their day, be more patient with your dog if they beg for a game of fetch of Tug-of-War. Chances are, it will help your mental health and make your pup extremely happy.

Treasure Every Moment

Sometimes, it’s easy to become jaded. Most of us reside or work in a big, busy city with frenzied, fast lives. Think about how your dog reacts when presented with a new toy or bone. Something as simple as a tennis ball or rawhide makes their tails wag so fast they could practically be propelled off the floor. Don’t be despondent every day—learn from your dog and get excited about the little things, even if it’s just a really good cup of coffee or slightly lower gas prices. Treasure every moment.

Honor Your Furry Friend

Dogs have a lot to teach us about life. Honor them this weekend with a special outing around town—Rose, Volta, Montrose or Dumbarton Oaks Park is dog friendly and fun. Take them down to the Georgetown waterfront for some people watching and fountain prancing. Bring them along for lunch at Peacock Café and sneak them a slice of cheese or a French fry or two. No matter how you choose to treat them, dogs deserve love.

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