Kids Korner: Art Is Not About Right or Wrong 

Art is not about right or wrong; if you try your hardest, you will succeed… Art is not a competition, it is a matter of taking your time and going with the flow towards an idea… or just enjoying what you see.

I go to Art class each week with Ms. Jennifer, who lives in Georgetown. She has a house with an Art studio. The studio has A LOT of Art supplies and a HUGE table to do Art on. Ms. Jennifer is a professional artist who knows SO much. My neighborhood girlfriends – Ellie, Jackie, Violet, and Maya – are in the class with me. Before class we usually get a treat at Dent Market. I also take Art at Beauvoir with Ms. Hay, who is AMAZING. Sometimes I also go to All Fired Up to make my Dad gifts. When I was younger, I went to Anna Banana and learned about modern Art. My neighbor, Martha, is an artist. She has a paint studio near Montrose Park. She is really GOOD!

Here are some other pictures of my art:   

Painting of Colorado River:  I chose a beginning, middle and end from a list by Ms. Hay. I choose mountains, Horseshoe Bend and put in farms, deer, a camper, a waterfall, and a kayaker. The end is the Delta, but it doesn’t have much water. Everyone needs to help to conserve.     

Mommy and baby fish: These are clay.  I made the fish by drawing the fish on paper and then cutting the clay. I used a bunch of Ms. Jennifer’s objects like bottle caps to make the design. I LOVE the color blue.   


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