Santas Come to Georgetown

Over the weekend, Georgetown started its 12 days of Christmas early as Santa Claus showed up at Volta Park, Rose Park, the George Town Club and who knows where else.

On late Friday afternoon at Volta Park, Santa sat and posed with neighborhood children for photographs. The Friends of Volta Park arranged for a food truck with sweet and savory crepes  as well as hot chocolate. Volunteers sold ornaments, helped kids made picture frames and accepted Toys for Tots donations. The Metropolitan Police Department offered cotton candy and popcorn, as a live band played. A long line waited patiently to see Santa — aka Tom Strike, who’s been Father Christmas several times at the park. He told The Georgetowner, “I love being the Santa because the children are so innocent and full of hope! Their eyes get so very wide, when they find out that they are on The Nice List, and their excitement is pronounced by pure joy!”

On Saturday morning at Rose Park, Santa Claus made his entrance in a Mercedes-Maybach. The children were excited when he waved and sat on the park bench next to them, as a DJ spun holiday and dancing tunes. Hot dark chocolate was served with donuts — and cookies baked by Sarah Wade with a little help from Gail Daubert, co-president of the Friends of Rose Park. People danced, played games and scribbled letters of Christmas wishes and taped them to the tennis court wall. And we swear we saw Santa playing tennis.

St. Nick — aka Jared Jones, who does indeed play tennis with Dave Dunning — told The Georgetowner, “I used to work in Congress, and these children cried a lot less.” A litigator at the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and a major in the Army Reserve, Jones continued: “In a city that can feel obsessed with status and image, I think it’s important to remember the things that really matter, like taking time to bring joy to a child’s heart on Christmas. It did my heart good too. Most kids only asked for a small gift. Others didn’t want anything. A surprising number wanted a gift for a parent or sibling instead. The kids reminded me that there is hope for the future. I just hope I was able to remind them that, yes, Georgetown, there is a Santa Claus.”

On Sunday midday at the George Town Club’s Santa brunch, Santa was back as was Tom Strike out at the streatery, decorated for Christmas along with a sleigh and an elf. Children, young and old, smiled at the old jolly fellow from the North Pole. CEO of Mosquito Strikers, among other things, Strike was happy to wear that big, red suit again: “I just love it, and the families are thrilled when Mrs. Claus (Sarah Strike) takes a family picture for them.”

For Georgetown, there’s more shopping, decorating and parties to come. Let us know where else you see Santa.

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