Georgetown Historical Markers Teach Black History, Offer Tours 

Thanks to work by Andrena Crockett and others, Georgetown’s Black history is being rediscovered and taught to anyone walking by and willing to read the signs on the street. 

The Georgetown African American Historic Landmark Project & Tour is placing markers on Georgetown African American historic landmarks commemorating the enslaved and free African Americans’ contributions to the Georgetown community and reconstructing an account of what their lives were like. The historic interpretations ensure that the African Americans presence is known and will be remembered.

The project includes the development of a comprehensive Georgetown African American walking tour consolidating several walking tours, information garnered from the book, “Black Georgetown Remembered,” and individual research. Landmarks honor Yarrow Mamout, Alfred Pope, the contributions of Lee Feed and Grain Store and over 85 other sites.

The tour directs visitors’ movement throughout Georgetown — whether by a bronze, six-inch circular disk on buildings, black metal plaques placed on National Historic Registry buildings or freestanding wayside markers in grassy areas or public space. 

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