Gift of the Cherry Blossoms: Seize the Day

Mother Nature’s meteorological whiplashes seem not to care that we are here. Our March weather springs from 80 degrees back to 40, from sunny to cloudy to rainy. Thursday was wonderful; Friday and Saturday, misty and splashy; Sunday, perfect.

Thus, we take our vernal delight in the peaking of the cherry blossoms, especially along the Tidal Basin. Even though cherry (and other) trees bloom in Rose, Montrose and Dumbarton Oaks Parks and throughout the city, we appreciate Washington’s special gift from Japan more a century ago.

The fleeting beauty and necessary flights of so many petals show the finitude of this life, while the poet Horace wrote these wise words: “Carpe diem” (“Seize the day”).

Enjoy these photos by Jordan Tovin.


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