Driver of Parkway Crash That Killed 3 Jailed

The United States Park Police arrested the driver involved in the fatal March 15 crash on Rock Creek Parkway in Georgetown that killed three occupants in one of the involved cars. Nakita Marie Walker, 43, of Washington, D.C., was charged with Second Degree Murder and arrested on May 22, USPP told The Georgetowner.

Walker is accused of fleeing Park Police and drunk driving as well as causing the deadly crash into the Honda Accord that was carrying Mohamed Kamara, 42, of Burtonsville, Maryland, jonathan Cabrera Mendez, 23, and Olvin Torres Velasquez, 22, both of Arlington, Virginia. (Police did not pursue the Lexus SUV that Walker was driving.) She will remain in jail. 

“Investigators said that Walker reached speeds as high as 100 mph,” according to WTOP. “In court on Tuesday, Walker’s attorney claimed a man in the car, with whom Walker had gone to the movies, had two guns in his possession and that she fled the traffic stop because he told her to, fearing retaliation or violence from him.”

“Walker also told police that she does not remember the crash, but she did recall the man in the car with her, pushing her leg down because he felt she was not driving fast enough,” WTOP continued. “Walker even raised questions about whether she was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash, claiming her doctor said it is possible she was injured as a passenger.”

In addition, “The prosecutor sought to keep Walker in jail because she had a total of five prior DUI arrests, three in D.C. and two in Virginia. Walker also had a past felony assault charge. Her blood and urine tests on the evening of the crash showed her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit, court documents said.

“The car that Walker was driving had 44 unpaid speed camera tickets at the time of the crash, totaling $12,300, according to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. Of the unpaid tickets, 28 were listed for speeding, and one for running a red light. She said the tickets were incurred by both her and her estranged husband, who owned the car.

“The judge denied home confinement for Walker, pointing out her past DUIs and how the crash violated her probation.”

Walker will be back in court on June 6.


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