Editorial: Attitude of Gratitude

Between wars overseas and unnerving events in our own country, like mass shootings and instances of antisemitism and Islamophobia, it’s hard to feel thankful.  

As we approach the holidays, you’ll frequently hear how grateful we should be during this festive time. If that’s a challenge, try to feel empathy toward your fellow man.  

Most people are struggling to get through their day. If you’re an overworked executive, try to put yourself into the shoes of the frazzled mom with three kids in-tow navigating the bustling streets of Georgetown. If you’re enduring home renovation stresses, think about the person without a house to live in. If you’re wondering why Georgetown University students must be so loud as they wander the streets on their phones, think about how stressed they probably are with their studies, as they’re just trying to let loose a bit. 

Finding yourself in such a situation is a great opportunity to practice empathy. Open the door for the mom with the stroller. Give to a shelter or bring a meal to the unhoused person on M Street. Ask the university student how they’re doing as finals loom. Who knows, you may develop a multi-generational friendship. 

It may be hard to feel thankful these days, but by spreading a little bit of kindness, you might begin to experience those feelings of gratefulness just a bit more.  

Happy holidays, Georgetown.  



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