Fashioning Power, Fashioning Peace Gala and Exhibition at Woodrow Wilson House

Earlier this month, The Woodrow Wilson House hosted its newest signature event, the Fashioning Power, Fashioning Peace Gala and Exhibition Opening.  The evening was dedicated to international style and cultural diversity united through elegance to promote global connection and bridging nations.

An impactful display of authentic clothing from 35 different countries and territories, each symbolizing power, diplomacy and tangible cultural heritage are laced throughout the rooms of the 28th president’s home. Guests were treated to a special preview of global fashion from ambassadorial outfits to traditional cultural costumes, military uniforms and more modern designs as they were guided through the historic museum and onto the tented back garden for a lively spring soiree.

The instructions to dress in your best “state dinner” attire were well-received by the roster of diplomats, patrons, and self-appointed fashionistas. Similar to the exhibit, invitees witnessed a spectacular mix of professional, cocktail and couture attire that easily mingled together.

This exhibition is the brainchild of Executive Director Elizabeth Karcher and beautifully curated with her team at President Woodrow Wilson House. Edith Wilson was notably the first First Lady to travel internationally during an American president’s term in office. She understood that she was representing the United States on an international and diplomatic platform and is recognized for her own iconic style. Her personal wardrobe is included in the presentation.

The inaugural event recognized the late Ambassador Esther Coopersmith for her trailblazing legacy of bipartisanship and uniting of people from different cultures and backgrounds. She was a beloved neighbor of the landmark home and honored with a special tribute of the unveiling the “Esther Pin,” designed by Ms. Ann Hand in her honor and received by Coopersmith’s eldest granddaughter, Caroline.

The exclusive affair was specifically designed to coincide with the Met Gala in New York City, as only in Washington, D.C. can you truly understand how fashion can have the power to create peace. Every year there is a Met Gala there will also be a Fashioning Power, Fashioning Peace Gala.






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