Georgetown Transportation Access and Circulation Study 

Compiled by Julia Key

  • Study started in March 2023, joint effort of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Georgetown Business Improvement District
  • Study to evaluate the transportation network and proposed transportation initiatives to identify opportunities to enhance safety, accessibility, and equity of transportation in Georgetown.
  • DDOT formally proposed its recommendations in early April 2024.
  • Recommendations fall into two categories: (1) traffic safety recommendations, and (2) circulation recommendations.
  • There are 17 short-term traffic safety recommendations.
  • The recommendations address issues such as:
  • Resident concerns about speeding drivers and disregard for stop signs and crosswalks;
  • Conflicts between pedestrians and drivers;
  • Visibility and poor sightline issues, particularly at intersections and near schools;
  • Safety and crashes at particularly difficult intersections.
  • The study makes several draft recommendations to address issues of significant traffic congestion, a high level of driver turning movement, narrow sidewalks, and only a brief crossing period for pedestrians at the corner of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW. To address pedestrian safety, the study recommends installing curb extensions and evaluating the signal to add a pedestrian only crossing phase and considering the tradeoffs. The study also recommends adjusting the bike/scooter parking area south of intersection and expand bus stop zones.
  • The study includes a draft recommendation to redesign the intersection of 28th Street, M Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The redesign would reduce conflict points and improve driver and pedestrian safety.
  • Four of the draft recommendations are aimed at improving pedestrian safety around nearby schools.
  • There are 5 circulation recommendations.
  • To address excessive congestion on 33rd, 34th, and 35th Streets, NW, especially during rush hours from drivers accessing Key Bridge, the study noted its analysis did not support changes to traffic patterns. Rather, draft recommendations include updates to signal timing at M and 33rd, installation of additional signage at M and 34th, and additional markings to slow drivers turning from Wisconsin onto southbound 35th.
  • The draft recommendations include several one-way street conversions. To reduce congestion and conflict points, the study recommends making S Street eastbound and T Street westbound one-way between 35th and 37th Streets, NW, and making 28th Street northbound and 29th Street southbound one-way between M and P Streets, NW. (DDOT later stated it is not considering one-way streets at this time.)
  • Next steps – public comment was received through April 30, with final recommendations to be presented in mid to late May and the study finalized in June 2024.
  • DDOT noted a forthcoming Bus Priority Project study to start later this year or in early 2025. In addition, DDOT will initiate longer-term project to explore corridor-wide changes to M and Wisconsin Streets, NW.

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