Georgetown’s Lockwoods to Mark 3 Milestones  

Marking three milestones, Sharon and David Lockwood are throwing a “60-50-20” party at the Cosmos Club on June 22. The Lockwoods — who have lived in their Georgetown home on the 3000 block of O Street for 57 years — are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, their son Reid’s 50th birthday and his 20th wedding anniversary.

Both Sharon and David earned PhDs. Sharon is a retired World Bank economist and David was a consultant to Congress with the Congressional Research Service for over 40 years.

Sharon is also the founder of Georgetown Village, a nonprofit that helps residents age in place. As she told The Georgetowner in 2013, referring to her inspiration: “I want to leave the house feet first.”

It is perhaps in her role as a real-life fairy godmother that Sharon really shines, encouraging young people through informal mentoring and sometimes with financial support.

Sharon Lockwood has 56 African American godchildren, many of whom grew up in a housing project in Northeast D.C. She met her oldest godson when he was 14; he is now 56. Her commitment starts with helping her godchildren through college and lasts a lifetime. She also volunteers at Dunbar High School to help its graduates with college admission.

“It’s just such a thrill to watch them succeed. It’s mutual, they help me, too,” she told the Washington Post, which featured her Cosmos Club party in 2014.  




2 comments on “Georgetown’s Lockwoods to Mark 3 Milestones  ”

  • Gail Nordheimer says:

    Sharon, how wonderful! Enjoy every moment as you remember and honor all that you’ve done for so many. CONGRATULATIONS! And belated thanks for bringing me into the Village family. I hope you are receiving back at least a tiny bit of all you GAVE to the Village.

  • Sarah Bluntn Barnett says:

    As you and your husband were camping in the Canadian woods, you encouraged me to apply for membership to Georgetown Village before Glover Park residents were accepted. Two months latter, I was so am a founding member.

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