Haute & Cool: Tee Time—Swing into Summer With All-Day Performance 

Golf is entering the fashion sphere, with a younger, more dynamic audience. Covid-19 cultivated a community of enthusiasts seeking outdoor recreation. High-profile athletes have continued to create visibility through brand deals and partnerships. Additionally, we have social media promoting the sport with stories and expanding the reach. Today’s base goes well beyond the traditional population of politicos, executives and seniors.    

The increased engagement has attracted the fashion world. Celebrity clothing collaborations are rising and many are taking to runways. Adjusting to the attention, specialized golf brands — which formerly aimed for an optimal balance of comfort and mobility, intended for distraction-free performance — are balancing function with fashion-forward design. 

Dedicated sporting labels are revolutionizing the polo shirt by infusing moisture-resistant textiles with vibrant color and bold prints. Bottoms have modern, slimmer fits. Even jogger pants are approaching the green in lightweight technical fabrics. We are seeing a variety of stretch belts constructed for active comfort while adhering to preppy, clubhouse rules.  

J.Hilburn Custom Clothier’s golf collection offers personalization both in fit and styling. Streetwear brands have introduced vintage detailing, furthering the mainstream appeal. The Air Jordan 6 Retro Golf 1961 sneaker pays tribute to the year the PGA recognized Black players.  

The pro-shop aesthetic borrows from casual clothing categories that easily transition to the off-course lifestyle. Let the fair-weather days help you level up your game with golf’s new grip.  

Allyson Burkhardt is the founder of Let’s Get Dressed! Image & Style Services. Visit letsgetdresseddc.com to put your best look forward. 






























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