La Bonne Vache, New Neighborhood Fave in Old Booeymonger Spot

By Forbes Dudley

Georgetown’s newest hit French bistro, La Bonne Vache, occupies the space that once held the iconic Booeymonger. In the short amount of time since it opened in January, La Bonne Vache — meaning “the good cow” in French — is already a welcome and loved addition to the neighborhood.

“Booeymonger was so consistent and institutionalized here and being able to take over that space is the best,” co-owner Clair Wilder told The Georgetowner. The success and popularity of La Bonne Vache exceeds any expectations that she had when turning her vision for a French restaurant into a reality.

Together with co-owners Rachel and Robert Aikens, Claire and Ari Wilder are bringing fresh energy to the corner of Prospect and Potomac Street along with their experience from Chaplin’s, Kappo and Zeppelin.

With three children at home, Claire explains that they molded the hours of La Bonne Vache to operate as a lunch and dinner spot, closing early to fit their current family-centric lifestyle. “We wanted it to feel like an extension of all of our homes.”

This feeling is certainly achieved through a cozy, inviting space designed by Rachel Aikens, menu by chef Robert Aikens, topped by the delicious French food executed by Chef Scheyla Acosta.

Part of Washington’s food scene, the experienced Claire Wilder emphasizes the importance of familiarity. “When you think about good restaurants it reminds you of something, and that’s what keeps them [customers] there.” La Bonne Vache is a familiar reminder of comfort and the joy that food can bring, she said.

Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing salad, a savory burger or some pommes frites, Chef Scheyla’s flavors bring an element of nostalgia to the restaurant that keeps people coming back for more.

The straightforward yet unique menu combines the comfort of a classic burger joint with the elevated flavors of French cuisine. La Bonne Vache is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, serving customers first come, first serve.

While La Bonne Vache is still a new addition to the Georgetown restaurant scene, they are already establishing themselves as a timeless classic in the neighborhood. Booeymonger was once a staple in Georgetown for both locals and tourists, and now La Bonne Vache is “becoming that for a lot of our neighbors which is really cool and such an honor,” Claire mentions with pride. “We’ve been so lucky. I think the biggest blessing is just having people come back so much. We already have so many amazing regulars.” 

Liz Baker of Pure Sweat and Claire Wilder of La Bonne Vache on Prospect Street. The businesswomen were featured on the June 12th cover of The Georgetowner. Photo by Greg Blakey.

At the old Booeymonger spot, La Bonne Vache brings new energy and French flavors to the corner. Courtesy LBV.



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