Fete de la Musique: Harmonies in Georgetown

By Julia Key

The Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, filled Georgetown with diverse musical genres on Friday, June 21. From catchy pop tunes to the soulful melodies of folk and R&B, harmonious a cappella to the timeless beauty of classical music, there was something for every musical taste to enjoy.

There was no spot on Wisconsin Avenue where you could not feel the vibrant energy of a violin, guitar, drum set, or instrument, as performers were tucked in every alleyway, rooftop, garden, cafe, and storefront. The celebration started at 5 p.m., and suddenly, every store you would not expect to be filled with live music had a performer.

Fete de la Musique filled the area with music June 21. Photo by Julia Key.

The event was a true celebration of musical diversity, with a lineup of performers that spanned various genres and styles.

Jessica Allossery, a singer and songwriter from Canada but now a part of the Alexandria community, graced the Sézane Pop-Up with her unique blend of pop-folk and country music.

Arsen Sumbatyan, a pianist for the Washington Ballet and former First Trumpet for the Moscow Opera House Symphony Orchestra, played the keyboard and the trumpet outside Maman Bakery’s Streatery.

Jerry Raines, a singer and guitarist, performed rock and blues music inside the clothing store Lili the First. “My favorite year [of music] is 1957, so many stars and great hits came out that year,” Raines said. The first song Raines sang was “Bye, Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers, whom Raines claims is one of his biggest musical inspirations, along with Elvis and Chuck Berry.

Swingville, a five-person swing and jazz band, gathered a large crowd outside Georgetown Lutheran Church. With only a clarinet, bass, two acoustic guitars, and a violin, the musicians recreated the ragtime-inspired music very well.

Fete de la Musique in Georgetown.

Safety Bear Band’s Daniel W. Hill represented the dubstep group before Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls’ Streatery. Hill sang “Fill You Up” and “Planet Electric” from the group’s fifth self-titled EP. Along with his vocals, Hill used a DJ mixer and soundboard for the background instrumental and sound effects throughout the song.

Anexo Social filled the alleyway near Levain Bakery with their Latin punk-rock songs. The band travels around the Washington area, and Fête de la Musique was one of their summer performances. Their next show is at Reno Park on Monday, July 15.

Fête de la Musique featured an eclectic mix of performers from various musical genres. The diverse lineup brought together locals, creating a joyful and vibrant atmosphere filled with singing and dancing.

The Georgetown BID and the Embassy of France-Villa Albertine partnered to host the 2024 Fête de la Musique – World Music Day – the first-ever edition in the commercial district of Georgetown. There were three acts at the embassy on Reservoir Road.






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  • This is so fun! Thanks for documenting “Music Day”. I had a blast playing at Sézane for a lovely crowd! Julis – Let me know if you want to include one of my photos on this article! I have plenty from the spectacular day!

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