We Heard It Through the Grapevine: Sixty Vines Now Open 

By Sophia Hall 

You don’t have to hear it through the grapevine, just get it straight from the tap: Sixty Vines, brand new wine bar located in Foggy Bottom is now among one of the trendiest places for happy hour and brunch deliciousness in downtown DC. The venue brings wine country to the District and boasts over 400 seats, meaning everyone can get a taste of Napa Valley, Provence, Tuscany, and other global destinations.  

Just two weeks after its opening at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, the establishment hosted a party to introduce itself to the neighborhood, featuring a live DJ, a champagne tower of their signature Cava Sesenta, a build-your-own-Sangria station, and a wide spread of charcuterie boards, hummuses, and house-made ricotta.  

At the convergence point of upscale hotels, George Washington University, and the hospital, Sixty Vines incorporates communal seating and a “pinkies down” approach to wine. Their goal? Welcome guests and inspire conversation. Turn residents in the apartments upstairs in the mixed-use building into regulars. Tap into the local after-work crowd and create memories that will make customers want to come back every weekend.  

However, Sixty Vines holds another key element as the center of their mission: sustainability.  

“After watching mountains of glass go into the trash for so long, we knew we had to figure out a better way,” attests Jeff Caracara, CEO of Sixty Vines. The wastefulness of the wine industry propelled Sixty Vines into creating a groundbreaking alternative––kegs. Their state-of-the-art wine on tap keg system guarantees that both the first and last glass tastes precisely the way the winemaker intended. Hand-painted ceramic tiles label the wine above each tap. One stainless steel keg holds the equivalent of as many as 26 bottles, and in its 30 plus year lifetime, it can save nearly 2,340 pounds of trash. Though the majority of kegs are stainless steel, the wine bar sends out the few plastic kegs out for recycling at local breweries.   

If you prefer champagne, the foil-less Sesenta Cava, which means sixty in Spanish, belongs exclusively to Sixty Vines. Since champagne’s signature bubbles require glass-bottle storage, Sixty Vines commits itself to not only purchasing a carbon offset to remain environmentally friendly but also sending the corks to an artist that transforms them into jewelry and bags. One such artist, Shona D’Cruz, who works primarily as a glass mosaicist, created an artwork of the Capitol building consisting entirely out of repurposed cork. Patrons can also contribute to recycling corks––if you bring in a bag of corks, you receive a free pour! Overall, Sixty Vines expects to save 37 thousand bottles, corks, foil and labels from landfills annually in DC. Additionally, Sixty Vines has partnered with local business Yelō Candle Co. for candles in recyclable glass jars. 

If you’re craving a frozen aperol spritz, hankering to build-your-own charcuterie board, or just planning a brunch with friends, stop by Sixty Vines as fast as you can. Additionally, their rentable private room in the back of the venue can perfectly accommodate any event, from baby shower to a business meeting. But don’t let the amount of seating fool you––there soon will be a line trailing out the door.  





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