Wild Thistle Kitchen: Cranberry and Rosemary Tassies

December 3, 2020

These festive treats are the perfect addition to your cookie boxes, cookie swaps and any holiday shindigs you might be hosting or attending.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Stout Butterscotch Sauce

October 22, 2020

We’ve all had salted caramel sauce. We all love it. Sometimes you’ll see variations with bourbon or other flavors. But maybe we want something different.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Dad’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

October 15, 2020

Nothing else smells like gumbo; nothing else tastes like gumbo. It is rich, warm, steeped in tradition and so flavorful and satisfying.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Spiced Pumpkin Scones

October 8, 2020

Not too sweet, just the right amount of spice and perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee, these spiced pumpkin scones come out delicious, flaky and moist.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Brioche Doughnuts

October 1, 2020

Don’t let “brioche” intimidate you. It’s just a fancy French name for an egg-and-butter-fortified yeast dough. It’s the stuff of dreams. It makes these doughnuts so rich, yet so light.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Slow Cooker Apple Butter

September 24, 2020

Make this on a lazy weekend day and enjoy the slow process and the wonderful aroma that will fill your house as it cooks.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Plum and Nectarine Puff Pastry Tarts

September 10, 2020

These tarts are no fuss and really let the fruit flavor shine. Feel free to switch up the fruits: peaches, apples, pears or fresh figs would all work well here.

Wild Thistle Kitchen: Ode to Summertime Tomatoes

September 3, 2020

Cook on a Whim is now Wild Thistle Kitchen! Here are three ways to take advantage of summer’s tomato bounty.

Cook on a Whim: Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Muffins

August 27, 2020

The olive oil adds a hint of sophistication, but these are still the friendly, comforting, delicious little morsels we all know and love, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face no matter what.

Cook on a Whim: Pesto-Crusted Halibut

August 20, 2020

Here’s an incredibly flavorful, satisfying meal that happens to be quite healthy. It comes across as kind of fancy, but truly couldn’t be easier to prepare (four ingredients!).