Regain Your Footing With Reflexology

May 2, 2018

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet which, like a map, correspond to all body parts. The physical […]

Trending: Cold-Pressed Juices Are Hot!

April 18, 2018

Cold-pressed juices are hot! Why? The health and wellness trend has caused a shift in behavior and purchasing patterns. Millennials and modern agers are more aware of and actively making […]

How to Milk It

February 21, 2018

Looking to re-MOOve dairy from your diet? Are you exploring a plant-based diet, sensitive to dairy, trying to lose weight? Are you interested in animal welfare? In discovering a new […]

Wellness: Get Happy, Get Healthy

February 7, 2018

Here at The Georgetowner, we are committed to bringing you resources, ideas, scientific research and breakthroughs to improve your life and help get you happy. This wellness issue will help […]

7 Steps to Winter Skin Survival

January 10, 2018

Beauty takes a beating during the winter months. Extreme cold saps the moisture from the air and sucks the life out of skin, leaving behind hair that is frizzy and […]

Face Oils to Make Your Skin Go … Mmm!

December 20, 2017

Face oils heal the skin because healthy, organic nourishing oils are already packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. What does this mean? Oils will return moisture and […]

Fantastic Plastic: Look Young, Not Done

December 6, 2017

Inevitably, when becoming a woman “of a certain age” — and looking in the mirror to see your mother looking back — it becomes increasingly impossible to resist the plastic […]

Brush Your Way to Beautiful

November 8, 2017

Skin is our body’s largest organ for toxin elimination, and dry brushing is an invaluable wellness trick that helps with many health issues, especially detox. What’s more, it can be […]

Trending: Green Clean Beauty

October 25, 2017

What is the largest organ of your body, operates like a sponge and absorbs substances directly into the bloodstream in seconds? If you said, “My Skin,” you’re correct. Recent research […]

Real Men Have a Skin Care Routine

October 11, 2017

The general argument for most men is that they want a skin care routine that is simple — if they even decide they need one. It’s funny how those with […]