Real Estate: D.C. Homes Selling Nearly a Week Faster  

November 20, 2023

D.C. homes are selling almost a week faster than they were last October. This key trend is one of many nuggets from a recent Bright MLS report. While the housing […]

Editorial: Fairness in Local News  

October 11, 2023

Ask yourself this question: how many journalists does Google hire? Earlier this year, a federal lawsuit was filed against Google. Newspapers which still give communities most local coverage, are having […]

Real Estate: AI’s Future in the RE Sector

October 10, 2023

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been the buzzword of choice all year. Through machine learning, it has the power to simultaneously revolutionize and threaten humanity at the same time. It’s […]

Real Estate: AI Creates a Typical Home in Every State; What’s D.C.’s Like?

July 31, 2023

All Star Home, a home repair and restoration services company, has created an interesting gallery. They took two buzzy topics, the housing market and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and created what […]

Tech Tip: What Your Business Can Gain from AI

February 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major topic lately, whether it’s the subject of new chatbots capable of generating text or making art that can compete with even the most skilled […]

Tech Tip: AI Should Be Cooperative

January 30, 2023

The past several years have brought about innovations in artificial intelligence, or AI, that have workers worried for their jobs — especially as it moves into more practical and usable […]

Man, Machine, and God: Ignatius Forum Examines High-Tech Threats to National Security 

January 11, 2023

Alarm bells rang from the highest point in Washington after a recent Ignatius Forum — Man, Machine, and God — at the Washington National Cathedral. National security is at stake: The […]

Mayor Bowser Outlines ‘DC’s Comeback Plan’

January 9, 2023

Create 35,000 new jobs. Add 15,000 residents to the Downtown population by adding seven million square feet of residential units there. Reach an overall population of 725,000 in five years. […]

Tech Tip: Healthcare Technology Innovation Raises Data Privacy Concerns

April 18, 2022

Technology has changed the way healthcare is delivered to patients, and it has helped stabilize costs, increase access, and personalize the care delivery process. These innovations, however, have led many […]

Tech Tip: Are Smart Technologies Coming for My Job?

April 4, 2022

Whether a person works in a factory or in an office environment, people worry that machines are coming for our jobs. This age-old fear, dating back to the Luddites, has […]