Tech Tip: What Can You Do About E-Waste?

April 25, 2022

E-waste is a considerable problem, and not just for businesses; it’s also terrible for the environment. Let’s go over some of the biggest reasons why discarded electronics, including some of […]

Tech Tip: Be Safe with Your Data and the Environment

July 19, 2021

Getting rid of old computers or servers? Be sure to do it with safety in mind. Did you know that the components used in technology equipment are not landfill-safe? On top […]

Tech Tip: Don’t Just Throw Out That Old Computer

August 24, 2020

Unprotected e-waste typically contains a lot of confidential and private information in the form of saved passwords, internet history and files left on the retired computer or server.

Tech Tip: Don’t Just Throw Out That Old Computer

September 30, 2019

Before you recycle a computer, a server, a copy machine, a mobile phone or any device, always give serious thought to what data may be on it.