All About Politics: Virginia Governor’s Race

November 13, 2017

Virginia voters came out in big numbers on Nov. 7 not to vote for Ralph Northam, a Democrat and the lieutenant governor, but to vote against Donald Trump.

All About Politics: Virginia’s Governor’s Race

October 26, 2017

The national Democratic Party wants to continue its winning streak in the Commonwealth. The big problem for Virginia Democrats is the composition of the electorate in these off-off-year elections.

All About Politics: Gun Control in Virginia, Alabama Senate Race

October 5, 2017

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, gun control has emerged as an issue in the Virginia governor’s race. Meanwhile, in Alabama, Democrat Doug Jones has an uphill fight for the Senate.

All About Politics: Running (or Not) for Mayor, Governor

September 21, 2017

Former Mayor Vince Gray — who lost to Bowser in 2014 and is now the Council member from Ward 7 — very much wants to run again for mayor, our columnist believes.

All About Politics: Charlottesville

August 14, 2017

A look at what Virginia officials and politicians had to say about Saturday’s events in Charlottesville.