Trump Rescinds DACA: Dealing With the DREAMers

Now Congress has six months to decide what to do about the DACA program and the dilemma of millions of immigrants living and working illegally in this country.

ANC: Heating Plant, K St. Bike Lanes, Community Updates

The Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2E) will hold its September meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 6:30 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

2 Dead From Jumping in Potomac River Near Key Bridge

Two adult males went into the river from the Aqueduct Bridge ruins on Sunday evening. One did not make it out alive; the other died at the hospital.

A Hurricane Like an Occupying Army

Harvey — the rain falling, reporters staggering in the first winds, getting wet and stranded, the sight of families and lone strangers struggling through hip-deep water — was here to stay. 

Georgetown University Students Arrive Friday, Next Week

Students are returning. There are Georgetown University events for the neighborhood — and a message from the school's president, Jack DeGioia.
Dick Gregory — 1932-2017

A Fallen Tree: The Life and Times of Dick Gregory

Comedian and activist Dick Gregory died Aug. 21 at the age of 84 in Washington, D.C. Biographer Shelia Moses penned this remembrance.

Capital One Café Coming to Georgetown

An eatery will indeed return to the southeast corner of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street, but it may not be what you expected.

Business Ins & Outs: Take Care Party Aug. 17; Rene Ruiz Gone

Changes are coming to (where else?) Georgetown's main retail strips: Wisconsin Avenue and M Street.

Plank Group Sells Top Georgetown Corner Property to Capital One

3150 M St. NW has been sold for a record $50.2 million — and Capitol One may also get the Verizon Center naming rights.

Potomac St. Rats: From Burritos to Falafel

It seems they have moved on from Chipotle’s Tex-Mex cuisine to the new shop across the street called Falafel Inc.