Tech Tip: Basic Cybersecurity Training Needs to Happen Now

You need to have step-by-step instructions about what to do if employees believe they have witnessed a cyber-incident.

Ward 2 Council Candidates Debate, Minus Evans

Long-term Council member Jack Evans did not participate in the Sept. 26 debate, as he has not yet declared his candidacy for the 2020 race.

Tech Tip: Don’t Just Throw Out That Old Computer

Before you recycle a computer, a server, a copy machine, a mobile phone or any device, always give serious thought to what data may be on it.

Mark Plotkin, a Passionate Voice, Has Died

Plotkin wrote for all manner of news outlets, including, in recent years, The Georgetowner, where his last pieces appeared in 2017, and the Hill, where he covered the first hectic years of the Trump administration.   

Bowser, D.C. Officials Make Compelling Statehood Pitch to Congress

Proposed by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), the legislation would shrink the District — the official seat of the federal government — to two square miles.

Tech Tip: Why Is It So Important to Have Unique Passwords?

A clever crook knows that you probably used the same password on the compromised website as you do on your eBay, Amazon and other online accounts — which are likely to be tied to a bank account.

Cokie Roberts, 1943-2019

She had an abundance of the Washington coin of the realm: respect. She also had style, an unwillingness to take guff, a wealth of direct knowledge of the practice of politics and a sparkling personality.

Tech Tip: The Long-Forgotten Piece of Security for Road Warriors

Make sure your road warriors and remote workers have up-to-date antivirus software on the computers they are connecting in from, and that a good firewall is in use when possible.

Washington Post Express Takes Its Last Ride

The Washington Post made the sudden announcement of the demise of the Express, the commuter quick-read, on Sept. 11. Express employees have been fired.

Tech Tip: Your Copier Is Spying on You …

Quite often, copiers keep images of all scanned pages on an internal hard drive — perfect for someone to anonymously access and steal Social Security records and sensitive business data.