Tech Tip: Keep Sensitive Data Off Employee Equipment

It’s simple stuff, but think of the damage that could result when sensitive data is on a manager's lost laptop at the airport.

The Wimbledon Men’s Final: Jaw-Dropping Tennis

For those watching at the bar of Georgetown’s Martin’s Tavern around 2 p.m. on July 14, amid a friendly crowd, the cries of “Great shot!” were soon overtaken by a wave of wows and OMGs.

Tech Tip: Change Your Name — and We Don’t Mean the Last One

When user names and prefixes are the same across multiple free email services, it makes the work of hackers and cybercriminals way too easy.

Tech Tip: Start With the Basics

In this day and age, there is more to the security “basics” than a solid firewall. A single crack in your armor can open the door for network attacks.

Debate Part 2; Trump in the Zone

Kamala Harris was a standout at the Democratic debate on June 27, followed on June 30 by the startling spectacle of President Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un stepping across the DMZ.

Tech Tip: Don’t Download Anything Without Checking First

Free apps come with a price: security. These applications are known for security vulnerabilities and hacks.

Evans’s Challenges Mount; Putta Announces

Effective June 27, Jack Evans resigned from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board. The latest challenger for his Council seat: Kishan Putta.

The Dems Debate: Round One

The spectacle — and it was a spectacle — was illuminating, confusing and entirely a part of the times we live in, in which politics has invaded our daily lives.

Tech Tip: Do Online Banking? Read This …

Never access your online account with a PC or a device that you use to log in to social media sites or free email accounts (like Hotmail) or to surf the web.

Congressional Women, Press Play Ball for Charity (photos)

This year's game, held on June 19 at Watkins Recreation Center on Capitol Hill, raised $358,000 for the Young Survival Coalition to assist young adults affected by breast cancer.