Tech Tip: The Number-One Threat to Your Security Is …

Like it or not, human beings are our own worst enemies online, inviting hackers, viruses, data breaches, data loss, etc., through the seemingly innocent actions taken every day online.

Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

MacArthur's "old soldiers" are fading away still, more and more every day, shrinking the number and memories of those who fought in World War II and subsequent actions. 

Tech Tip: Network Security Can Secure Your Reputation, Too

What would happen to your business if an employee accidentally exposed your network to entry from unauthorized entities?

Codepink Holds Press Event Outside Venezuelan Embassy

On May 13, social-justice group Codepink held a press conference outside of the Embassy of Venezuela in Georgetown to discuss the recent escalation of protests surrounding the building.

Category-1 Gas Leak Gets Early Morning Attention

The continuing gas leak problems in Georgetown will be the focus of a May 15 public hearing at the 1325 G St. NW offices of the DC Public Service Commission.

The Current Newspaper to Fold

The move to Chapter 7 means liquidation of assets and the end of the more than 50-year-old company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year.

Tech Tip: You’ve Been Hacked! What Do You Need to Do First?

Based on what is discovered, you may be advised to contact the local FBI office and your attorney. Your legal responsibilities depend greatly on the type of data accessed.

Facing Off, Quietly, at Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown

After boisterous protests and the arrest of leaders from the organization that calls itself the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective, the peace lines seemed to have been drawn.

Tech Tip: A Warning If You Handle, Process or Store Client Credit Cards

Getting compliant with PCI DSS — or finding out if you are compliant — isn’t a simple matter that can be outlined in a one-two-three-step checklist.

Venezuelan Embassy Drama Continues

At press time, nothing was yet decided — either in Caracas or at the embassy on Georgetown’s 30th Street.