‘Life of David Hockney: A Novel’

September 11, 2019

THIS MELODRAMATIC, FICTIONALIZED BIOGRAPHY DREW PRAISE FROM ITS REAL-LIFE SUBJECT People who know art will recognize the name of David Hockney, and those who like the artist will enjoy this […]

‘The Drama of Celebrity’

August 21, 2019

THE CULT OF FAME FOUND AN EARLY GODDESS IN SARAH BERNHARDT “The Drama of Celebrity” by Sharon Marcus is a hybrid of biography and sociological treatise on one of the […]

‘Conversations with Abner Mikva’

August 7, 2019

A RECENT COMPENDIUM CAPTURES THE UNVARNISHED VOICE OF THE LEGENDARY PROGRESSIVE  The Land of Lincoln has produced giant oaks in the political forest, none more majestic than Abraham himself. But […]

‘The Nine of Us: Growing Up Kennedy’

July 24, 2019

This slim recollection of America’s first family suffers from a lack of fresh material. Reviewed by Kitty Kelley With hundreds of Kennedy books bending library shelves (I’ve written two: “Jackie […]

‘L.E.L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Ddeath of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Celebrated “Female Byron”’

July 10, 2019

In this account of a little-remembered 19th-century poet, tireless research makes for tiresome reading Reviewed by Kitty Kelley “LE.L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the […]

‘Food on the Move: Dining on the Legendary Railway Journeys of the World’

June 5, 2019

Reviewed by Kitty Kelly “Food on the Move” is an uninspired title, especially for a book that presents epicurean dining on some of the world’s legendary railways. Why couldn’t the […]

‘The Real Wallis Simpson: A New History of the American Divorcée Who Became the Duchess of Windsor’

May 20, 2019

THOUGH ENGAGING, THIS BIOGRAPHY OFFERS LITTLE FRESH INSIGHT INTO THE SCANDALOUS “ROYAL.” Anna Pasternak boasts a famous name, thanks to her great uncle, Boris Pasternak, who wrote “Doctor Zhivago” and […]

‘Doing Justice: A Prosecutor’s Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law’

May 1, 2019

A FASCINATING LOOK AT ALL THINGS LEGAL FROM THE FORMER HEAD OF NEW YORK’S SOUTHERN DISTRICT. With “Doing Justice: A Prosecutor’s Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law,” […]

Michelle Obama’s Riveting Read

April 18, 2019

IN ‘BECOMING,’ THE FORMER FIRST LADY TELLS A COMPELLING TALE. A few months ago, Michelle Obama zoomed to the top of the best-seller list with “Becoming” and set the gold […]

‘Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup’

April 6, 2019

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A NEFARIOUS STARTUP PLAYS GAMES WITH PEOPLE’S HEALTH? As a little girl, Elizabeth Anne Holmes was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I want […]