America Loses Its Sweetheart, Doris Day

The big band singer and movie star celebrated her 97th birthday only a few months earlier, still in good health, but reportedly succumbed to pneumonia.  

Strathmore’s New CEO in the Spotlight

Monica Jeffries Hazangeles spoke at Georgetown Media Group’s May 9 Cultural Leadership Breakfast, held at 1310 Kitchen & Bar by Jenn Crovato.

This Sunday: Spy Museum’s Grand Opening in L’Enfant Plaza

For the official May 12 opening, the museum will host a family festival with musicians from the NSO's Youth Fellowship Program, makeup artists, food trucks and a magician.

LAST CHANCE: Strathmore CEO to Speak This Thursday

Strathmore President and CEO Monica Jeffries Hazangeles will speak at Georgetown Media Group's May 9 Cultural Leadership Breakfast at 1310 Kitchen & Bar. RSVP to richard@georgetowner.com.

Tintoretto: One of History’s Greatest Painters All Along

It is possible that Tintoretto will prove the most essential Renaissance painter for the 21st century. It is also possible that you, like me,...

Chorus Stands Out in ‘Oresteia’ at Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s new production of Ellen McLaughlin’s adaptation of Aeschylus’s “The Oresteia” is the last production to be directed by Artistic Director Michael Kahn.

Vibrant Summer Season Ahead at Wolf Trap

Where Catherine Filene Shouse grew crops and bred horses and dogs — also hosting Washington’s political, business and social elite — stars from Herbie...

Telling Stories at National Geographic Museum

Nearly 50 people came to hear Kathryn Keane’s talk at Georgetown Media Group’s April 11 Cultural Leadership Breakfast, in part due to the “Queens of Egypt” exhibition.

Notre Dame, Paris’s Beacon, in Dire Jeopardy

Notre Dame is more than a church, of kings and bishops and Christians and martyrs, it is a kind of lifeform of humanity built with stone and wood, that aspires to flight even now.

Q&A With Artist and ‘War Story’ Author David Richardson

There are novels about war and there are novels about art. But rarely are there novels about war and art. This is what makes “War...