Trying My Hand at Ice Skating

The idea of putting my feet on the ice was a terrifying thought given my previous experiences trying to walk on concrete that had ice on it.

Dockless Shared Bikes Surge in Georgetown

“We are all here to find the best way to operate in the area. We can all share up to a point to make this whole thing work,” said DDOT’s Sam Zimbabwe at a packed town meeting on Dec. 5.

Fans Get Their Baseball Fix at Nats Winterfest

At the Washington Convention Center on Dec. 16 and 17, there were interviews and game shows on the main stage and photo opportunities with players, coaches and team mascots.

Fantastic Plastic: Look Young, Not Done

Inevitably, when becoming a woman “of a certain age” — and looking in the mirror to see your mother looking back — it becomes...

Holiday Picks for Beauty Fanatics

The holiday season is the best time to stock up on great finds for any beauty collection. From products to organizers, you can find...

A Pop-ular Business Model in Georgetown

You may think you know exactly what Georgetown has to offer, but the recent flurry of holiday pop-ups adds an element of surprise.

Weekend Round Up November 9, 2017

On Veterans Day weekend: a book signing at the National Archives, a salute to the military at the Kennedy Center and a hike from Fletcher’s Cove to raise funds for Warrior Expeditions.

Brush Your Way to Beautiful

Skin is our body’s largest organ for toxin elimination, and dry brushing is an invaluable wellness trick that helps with many health issues, especially...

Trending: Green Clean Beauty

What is the largest organ of your body, operates like a sponge and absorbs substances directly into the bloodstream in seconds? If you said,...

Murphy’s Love: Advice on Intimacy and Relationships — Old Enough for a Boyfriend?

Dear Stacy, We are hoping for your advice about our 16-year-old daughter. After spending her high school years (so far) going out with groups of...