The Berliner Opens: First 100 Get a Free Beer

Owner Omar Popal is emphasizing the 4,200-square-foot beer hall — in one of Georgetown’s last original warehouse spaces — and the Berliner's chef, a sausage-making whiz. 

Yuletide in Full Swing With Santas in Town

Alive with people and traffic and illuminated by the light-art installations of "Glow," Georgetown is easily one of the most charming places during Christmastime for walking, shopping and dining.

Tech Tip: Should My Computer Be Encrypted?

With the drive encrypted, a thief can’t just pull it out, hook it up and suddenly have access to all your files. At least you’ve made it pretty hard to get to your data.

Tech Tip: New Quarter, New Password

Maintaining separate passwords, and changing them at least every three months, is a lot of work, but the cybersociety we live in demands it.

DC Chamber Lunch and Learn, Nov. 29

Rachel E. Ferebee, marketing solutions specialist at Page Global Organic Cyber Solutions, will present on the topic of “Bridging the Gap," discussing 21st-century business issues.

Tech Tip: Do You Allow Guests to Access Your WiFi Network?

If you give out your password, you’re practically opening the door for anyone to come in and steal private information and infect your private computers.

The Looming Student Debt Apocalypse

Education-related debt impacts more than 44 million of us, who owe a total of $1.5 trillion, making the burden of education the country’s second-largest debt after consumer mortgages.

Keith Lipert: The Gift Master

“What we have in Georgetown is unique,” says Keith Lipert. “I don’t think there is another store like mine in the world.” The thoughtful, stylish...

J.Paul’s to Close by Year-End

The classic saloon, which opened in 1982, was the flagship of restaurateur Paul Cohn, who launched other eateries in the 1980s.

Tech Tip: Do You Enter Your PIN When Using Your Debit Card?

Run the card as credit and you’ll almost always get more antifraud protection should you have a problem with a purchase or if the card number is stolen.