Photo Highlights from the Washington International Horse Show

November 29, 2011

The Washington International Horse Show concluded on Sunday, October 30. Great Britain’s Nick Skelton was the star of the show, winning both of the two major events, Friday night’s $25,000 Puissance class and Saturday night’s $100,000 President’s Cup grand prix. In the Puissance, Skelton guided his horse Unique over a 7 foot wall.

View our photo highlights from the entire show by clicking on the photo icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet)

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Thousands Protest Pipeline at the White House (photos)

November 28, 2011

Thousands of protesters opposed to a controversial pipeline project surrounded the White House on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Canadian company TransCanada is seeking permission to build the 1,600-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf coast in Texas. Environmental groups say that extracting oil from the sands would generate huge greenhouse gas emissions, and that any accident on the route could be disastrous. View our photos by clicking on the icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet) [gallery ids="110677,110617,110612,110607,110602,110597,110592,110587,110582,110577,110622,110627,110672,110667,110662,110657,110652,110647,110642,110637,110632,110572,110567,110562,110502,110681,110497,110685,110492,110689,110487,110693,110482,110507,110512,110557,110552,110547,110542,110537,110532,110527,110522,110517,100371" nav="thumbs"]

Hoyas Defeat Fordham on Senior Day, 30-10 (photos)

The Georgetown Hoyas Football team won its 5th straight game by defeating the Fordham Rams 30-10 for its 8th win against only 2 losses for the season. If the Hoyas win next week at Lehigh they will win the school’s first league title and a spot in the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs. It is a major accomplishment for a team that did not win a single game in 2009. View our photos of the game by clicking on the icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet) [gallery ids="100372,110722,110727,110732,110737,110742,110747,110752,110757,110762,110767,110717,110712,110682,110788,110687,110784,110692,110780,110697,110776,110702,110707,110772" nav="thumbs"]

Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery (photos)

View our photos of Veterans Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery by clicking on the small icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet)

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Thousands Walk on the National Mall to Help the Homeless

November 23, 2011

More than ten thousand participated in the 24th and final Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon on the National Mall in Washington, DC. on Nov. 19, 2011. The Help the Homeless program, comprised of education, volunteerism, community walks and the Walkathon on the National Mall, is the nation’s largest effort to increase awareness around preventing and ending homelessness. The Washington area has more than 12,000 homeless – more than 40 percent of which are families, 25 percent are children. The walk is designed to raise awareness and funds for Washington, DC area organizations that are working to prevent and end homelessness, with an emphasis on programs that help homeless people return to independent living. Beneficiaries of the walk will be the 97 organizations that are focused on the needs of the homeless community. Fannie Mae President and Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Williams, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, (D-DC) and DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) were on hand to kick off the 5K event. Fannie Mae plans to promote neighborhood marches in cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Philadelphia, saying that decentralizing it will more efficiently raise money.

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Sculpture Garden Ice Rink Opening Weekend

Come take part in one of our great holiday traditions. The Ice Rink at the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is now open. Admission will cost $8 for adults and $7 for those over 50, under 12 or in possession of a school ID. (Skates can still be rented for $3.) The rink will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday-Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays; on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, the rink will close at 5 p.m. Both private and group lessons by experienced instructors are available by appointment. The rink, at 7th Street and Constitution Ave. NW, is in its 13th season and will remain open until March 11 (as long as it stays cold enough).

View our photos from the opening weekend (Nov. 19-20) by clicking on the icons below. [gallery ids="100394,112697,112815,112707,112806,112717,112727,112737,112747,112757,112767,112777,112787,112824,112687,112627,112878,112637,112869,112647,112860,112657,112851,112667,112842,112677,112833,112797" nav="thumbs"]

Occupy DC Protestors March to the Key Bridge (photos by Jeff Malet)

November 18, 2011

Trace all the steps from McPherson Square and downtown Washington, through Georgetown to the Key Bridge as hundreds of protestors from the Occupy D.C. movement marched to encourage Congress to boost employment by reinvesting in major infrastructure projects. Police presence was heavy but the demonstration proved peaceful and there were no major problems, other than some minor traffic tie-ups during the November 17 march. The D.C. protestors which included nurses and union workers, were among the thousands who demonstrated nation wide to mark the two-month anniversary of the Occupy movement. View photos of the entire march by clicking on the photo icons below. (Photos by Jeff Malet) [gallery ids="112217,111937,111947,111957,111967,111977,111987,111997,112007,111927,111917,111837,111847,111857,111867,111877,111887,111897,111907,112017,112027,112137,112147,112157,112167,112177,112187,112197,112207,112127,112117,112037,112047,112057,112067,112077,112087,112097,112107,111437,111827,111457,111637,111477,111647,111497,111657,111517,111667,111627,112226,112298,112289,112280,112271,112262,112253,112244,112235,111537,111677,111747,111757,111767,111777,111787,111797,111807,111817,111737,111727,111557,111687,111577,111697,111597,111707,111617,111717,100391" nav="thumbs"]

Greatest Generation Japanese American WWII Veterans Receive Congressional Gold Medal

November 7, 2011

The U.S. Congress held a ceremony on Capitol Hill on November 2, 2011 to award the Congressional Gold Medal, its highest civilian honor, to more than 1,000 Japanese-American veterans, now in their 80s and 90s, in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II. Japanese-American contributions to the war are even more remarkable since their families were rounded up and confined by their own government. Many Japanese-Americans who fought in World War 2 were “Nisei”, Japanese Americans born in the U.S. Many of them and their families were placed in internment camps after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and they were also exempt from the draft. Nonetheless, about 19,000 Japanese-American soldiers volunteered for service.
The award was presented collectively to the Army’s three Japanese-American units that fought in the Mediterranean and European theatres – the 100th Infantry Battalion, nicknamed the Purple Heart Battalion, the “Go for Broke” 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).

Fighting their way through Italy, southern France and Germany, and finally sent to the Pacific Theater to serve as part of the occupation force in Japan, members of the 442nd made the unit the most highly decorated regiment in Army history. All told, the 13,000 soldiers serving in the regiment, received 21 Medals of Honor, 52 Distinguished Service Crosses, 560 Silver Stars, 4,000 Bronze Stars and 9,486 Purple Hearts. One of those distinguished Medal of Honor winners, Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) took part in the ceremony.

The 100th Battalion was absorbed by the 442nd , but initially was a separate unit. It was composed of men from Hawaii who were part of the National Guard.
There were 3,000 Army trained linguists that served in the Asia-Pacific theater part of the MIS. These men had a numerous duties which included translating enemy documents, interrogating prisoners of war, and persuading enemies forces to surrender. Because of the nature of their work, MIS achievements have been classified and are just now coming to light.

In 2010 Congress approved a special gold medal for the unit. President Obama signed the bill into law authorizing the award a year ago. A replica of the gold medal is given out to veterans, family members of deceased veterans, next of kin of soldiers killed in action and family members of veterans who took part in the ceremony.

View our photos from the ceremony by clicking on the photo icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet)

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Arts on Foot Festival in Penn Quarter (photo gallery)

November 3, 2011

Click below for our photo gallery from last weekend’s Penn Quarter Arts on Foot Festival. This annual event is a visual and performing arts festival featuring Washington DC theaters, museums, and arts at a variety of venues in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, DC. The festival became an art walking tour with area restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums, and more than 100 visual artists participating and dozens of Downtown attractions hosting visual art exhibits, performances, workshops, demonstrations, films, concerts and children’s activities. This year’s event also featured commemorative activities to honor the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 including The 9/11 Arts Project. (all photos by Jeff Malet). [gallery ids="99231,103634,103639,103644,103649,103654,103659,103664,103669,103674,103629,103624,103619,103594,103695,103691,103599,103687,103683,103604,103609,103614,103679" nav="thumbs"]

Esperanza Spalding donates Nobel Prize dress to Smithsonian

Acclaimed bassist, singer and composer Esperanza Spalding donated the dress she wore for her performance at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for President Obama to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on Monday, October 17.

The donation continues the museum’s women in jazz initiative, which was launched in April as part of Jazz Appreciation Month. Spalding is widely acclaimed for her innovative blend of jazz, folk and world music with classical chamber music traditions, and was awarded the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2011 for her second album, Chamber Music Society. To earn the Grammy, she beat out an impressive field, including teen idol Justin Bieber.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Spalding studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., where she went on to become one of the youngest professors in the history of the college at the age of 20.
After signing the official deed that transferred ownership of the dress to the museum, Spalding expressed her gratitude to be honored by the Smithsonian by citing her own favorite quote of Duke Ellington with the following words. “He said, ‘Tomorrow is waiting in the wings for you to sound her entrance fanfare.’ And when I hear you speak of all these individuals who were beyond category, I think of the people who were in touch with that reality, that the world is of their making. When I think of making the future, I think of the value of understanding the past. I’m just so grateful and honored to be a part now of the history that generations can continue to look to for inspiration.”

(Click on the icons below for our slideshow of the donation ceremony at the museum.) [gallery ids="100345,109162,109167,109172,109177,109182,109187,109192,109197,109202,109207,109212,109157,109152,109117,109233,109122,109229,109127,109225,109132,109221,109137,109142,109147,109217" nav="thumbs"]