Nuptial Bliss

May 3, 2012

The latest wedding fashion shot at The Goodstone Inn & Estate located at 36205 Snake Hill Road, Middleburg Virginia 20117

Photographer: Yvonne Taylor
Stylist: Liana Vassila
Hair: Kenny West from Hela Salon
Makeup: Carl Ray from The Four Seasons
Flowers: Barbara Von Elm from Growing Wild Floral Co.
Model: Allyn Rose, Miss Maryland 2011

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Cherry Fever

Bloom with these cherry-picked items inspired by the colors of spring. On location at Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown.

Photographer: Jodi King
Stylist: Adra Williams
Stylist Assistant and Make Up- Samantha Boyce
Hair: Devin Rice
Production Assistant: Emma Watters
Location: Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown

Models: Casandra Tressler of T.H.E. Artist Agency
Sherita DeHonney of Stomp Model Management

Spring Orange Fever
Earrings: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
Necklace: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
Dress: Everard’s Clothing
Bracelets: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
Shoes: Model’s own
Earrings: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
Blazer: Everard’s Clothing, Insight
Blouse: Everard’s Clothing
Necklace: Belonging to crew
Bracelets: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
Pants: Helia’s
Shoes: Steve Madden

Spring Black & White Fever
HAT: Everard’s Clothing, by Anthony
from The Hattery in Washington, DC
EARRINGS: Dalton Pratt
BLAZER: Everard’s Clothing, Insight

BLOUSE: Everard’s Clothing, Byron
Lars Beauty Mark
SHORTS: Urban Chic, Alice + Olivia
EARRINGS: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross

Spring White Fever
16 March 21, 2012 GMG, INC.
DRESS: Urban Chic, Shoshanna
EARRINGS: Dalton Pratt

DRESS: Urban Chic, Beyond Vintage
NECKLACE: Everard’s Clothing
SHOES: Steve Madden

Spring Green & Red Fever
DRESS: Helia’s
NECKLACE: Dalton Pratt

DRESS: Everard’s Clothing, Insight
EARRINGS: Dalton Pratt, Lisa Cotten
BRACELETS: Dalton Pratt, Kara Ross
IPHONE CASE WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: Dalton Pratt [gallery ids="100604,100605,100606,100607" nav="thumbs"]

Wedding Celebration Album

March 7, 2012

When it comes to your wedding day, there is more to consider than you can shake a bouquet at. That’s why it can be helpful to talk to friends and family who have already been through the conjugal ringer. So, to get some firsthand words of wisdom, The Georgetowner spoke with a few friends who have recently tied the knot, and asked them about special wedding day tips, how to keep from getting overwhelmed, standout memories and more. Here’s what they said:

Chandra Anderson

Take time to absorb the moments of the day—it flies by so quickly. You’ve already done everything you can do to prepare by that point, so try not to worry about the little things you’ve been fretting about, like the caterers or the floral arrangements. If you don’t step back and focus on enjoying the moment you’re in, you wedding day will fly by you before you realize it had even arrived.

Alexandra and Kristopher Powell

On a logistical level, limit yourself to researching only three to five vendors for each element of your wedding (bands, caterers, etc…). Any more than that and the choices start to become overwhelming. On an emotional level, take a moment with your new spouse to step back and take it all in on your wedding day. It will fly by so fast, it’s worth taking a mental picture so you both can always remember how the day felt.

Rina and Keith Lippert

We each wrote down five things we love about the other. On the day of the wedding, we put it in a “love note” and read them to one another. It put the focus on what the day is truly about. It’s easy to get lost in focusing on things that don’t matter, but the bigger picture is what’s important here.

David and Ashley Murray

If you don’t have a plan for your wedding cake already, consider doing something creative. We ordered a customized cake from Creative Cakes in Silver Spring, and it was one wedding expense that we had no regrets about. Our guests were raving!

Ours was also the last wedding to be held at Halcyon House. My father, Chris Murray, having opened Govinda Gallery around 1975, held his first Govinda party there. So we are deeply connected to Halcyon House and were really honored to close it out with our wedding. John Dreyfuss is a pillar of Georgetown for us, he’s invested more than three decades of energy into taking care of that house—and his sculpture studio in the basement is just amazing. We wouldn’t have been able to have such a wonderful wedding if it wasn’t for John. He’s been such a good friend. I can’t think of a more elegant house in Georgetown, or a better wedding venue in the city, than Halcyon House.

Yvonne Taylor, photographer

We only had three months to plan my daughter Noelle’s wedding from the time she told me she was getting married. I’m in the business, which makes things a little easier, but it was still daunting. We went to a wedding planner, but realized that we could do a lot of this ourselves. So we made it a community effort among friends and family. I’ve been a part of some pretty expensive weddings, but my daughter’s ended up being very organic and real, and it was actually one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve ever been to. I catered it myself, we held the party in my home. It became less about the event and the spectacle, and we were able to focus more on what the day is really about: love, family, friends and the moment. Bottom line is don’t let the money scare you, because there are ways around spending $80,000 on your big day. I know people who have waited for years to get married just because of how much it costs. Remember, a wedding is ultimately about love and family, not a flashy reception.

Aaro Keipi, Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, take advantage of unique situations. An overcast day like the one in my photo actually added a nice atmosphere and light to the photo ops for this outdoor wedding.

Liji George

It’s great to incorporate traditions from both sides of the family. We had a cross-cultural wedding, and it really brought everyone together in a unique but familiar atmosphere. [gallery ids="100490,117506,117498,117465,117490,117473,117484" nav="thumbs"]

Remembering Alexander McQueen

November 3, 2011

The world has been hit by one tragedy after another in recent times, some so immeasurable they leave you reeling: Haiti, Michael Jackson, Lee McQueen. These disasters ask us to pause and evaluate the beautiful, fragile gifts of life. Certainly, they focus attention on the gift that cultural icons give to the world. Lee McQueen, founder and designer of Alexander McQueen Brand, was fashion royalty, but more important, a cultural maverick. His artistic expression was free-spirited yet articulate. Not many artists can tread the waters of the avant-garde movement and achieve critical success. We might not know about his design process. Some say his corsets and shoes are un-wearable and for all we know he could have white-knuckled his way through pre-season. But the result on the runway was beautiful and pure genius. I believe he was successful because he had the trappings and skills of the exquisite tailor coupled with the very elusive uncensored imaginative eye. He could push the envelope, think
outside the box.

McQueen is a metaphor for life. He was fearless in his approach and forward thinking. I see him as a rebel and a magician, uncompromising in his exploration and delivery of transformational work even when industry watchers were sometimes displeased with what he did. Fashionistas and socialites welcome his courage and have been photographed in his garments. His A-list of admirers is long and includes Naomi Campbell, Drew Barrymore, Zoe Saldana, Beyonce, Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and, of course, Lady Gaga and heiress Daphne Guinness, both of whom have defied the odds and gone out in his 10-inch heels despite nay-sayings of it being insane or at the very least, bone breaking. Since his death there has been a rush to get even the smallest memento of his collection, such as his skull-tattooed scarves. The skull is truly representative of the special energy flowing through McQueen’s work — graphic, defiant, natural, repulsive, yet appealing.
As an artist myself, I love the silhouette of his clothes. There is always something in his collection for me to applaud.

A woman could wear one of his pieces and feel like a lady yet a biker chick could keep her identity and be just as comfortable in the same ensemble. He was adopted by the youth but equally loved by the more mature, who would be appropriately dressed yet still feel youthful, even fanciful in his designs.

When I look back over his many collections, I see he truly understands the complexity and depth of the woman’s psyche and how that defines her desire to dress. McQueen’s designs were accessible and relevant but still on the edge. Take his jackets in his most recent collection, “Plato’s Atlantis,” tailored for business though clearly exposing the soft curves on the women’s body, constructed out of suit fabric that holds it shape and goes effortlessly from business to evening. But McQueen put his stamp on the shoulders, making the shoulder pads a little extreme, powerful, but not enough to take away from the feminine contour of the jacket. Yet there is just enough padding to allow the woman to secretly live the rebelliousness of his runway collection.

“Plato’s Atlantis,” his spring 2010 collection, is an undersea carnival, stirring the innate love of story within us all. He made it a priority to create the fairytale experience, to bring out the inner rebel without sacrificing the charm of his designs. He created the means for people to depart from their everyday reality and into fantasy and make believe. McQueen’s death is a sad loss. I can’t imagine the catwalk without him.

Lauretta McCoy is the Georgetown Media Group’s creative director for fashion.
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In Memoriam:

Late last year, a rising fashion model and her sister died in a horrific car accident after leaving Georgetown. This month, we remember Lizzie and Victoria Stefan.

I met Elizabeth Stefan when she was just 14 years old in the summer of 2004. I knew when I saw her she had an instinct for creating characters on the printed page. With her tall slender frame, angelic heart face and a perfect full mouth that relaxed into a pout, I was immediately inspired to shoot editorial pictures of her. She had a sharp wit and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. My photography team went to work and transformed this girl from Centreville, VA into a creature full of mystique and allure. The tall boots, bustier, couture shirt and long leather jacket made her look like she was born in the clothes. It was the beginning of a connected relationship that would last the rest of her life. As she developed her skills and traveled to all the model haunts, she became very comfortable with the world community of young women who are always en route to wherever the market and season dictated. She would return to Washington and drop in to show me the work she was doing.

?It was not an easy journey for Lizzie. She was truly her own person, even a little off rhythm at times, and struggled to fit in. Somehow she always found her way. We continued to work together and she gained the confidence I knew she would need to negotiate the tumultuous landscape of a business in constant flux. Lizzie’s career was just truly beginning to take shape and her client list was growing in New York when I called her to do a job for me. We had not worked together for a year or so and I was looking forward to it. I always got what I wanted whenever I worked with her, and knew the client would be happy. She stopped by to see me and we talked about it. That was in November 2009, she was coming home for Christmas and we were both excited. I was on location in South Carolina when I received a message on Facebook from the mother of another model, Amber, who had risen in the ranks alongside Lizzie. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She asked me if I’d heard a rumor about Lizzie being killed in a car accident the night before. I was stunned. I was certain it wasn’t true. Lizzie would never miss a shoot!

?She had worked with my son Matthew Taylor doing short films. They were some of his favorite pieces. He had sold her the black Jaguar he bought when he graduated from college a while back and I felt a wave of sickness as I thought about her in my son’s car. My phone started buzzing and finally it was confirmed that she and her sister were returning from Washington late in the evening and hit a jersey wall head on. Her sister Victoria was driving. They were both killed instantly. I packed my gear and immediately left Hilton Head for home.

?We had gotten to know the family and immediately understood where all that personality and beauty came from. Lizzy’s mother was striking and we were not surprised to learn she had been a former Miss Sweden. Her other two sisters were just as lovely and each was distinctly different. Her father was the rock and spent time in Iraq while Eva, her mother, held everything together. I could see by all the family photos and having spent time with the girls they were a family of passion, and thoroughly enjoyed each other. If you knew Lizzie you would never forget her. She left an indelible mark on everyone she encountered.

?We have lost a truly complex and vivacious woman whose humor and love for beauty will prevail. Lizzie’s mother was highly surprised when she received a portrait of Lizzie painted by Peter Max the artist. It was no surprise to me that the artist recognized her as a person worthy of being immortalized in the capture of the painter’s hand. Knowing Lizzie, or Lisi as she was known in the business, I can laugh even now at the casualness and ease of her ability to form lasting relationships with all kinds of people with little or no effort. She was truly the genuine article.
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October 19, 2011

Every fall, we are shown the trends of what will be come spring. During Fashion Week, designers and “houses” display their latest collections in runway shows. These events let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season. Enjoy our pick of “ins” for 2012 and be a winner in the game of fashion.

Photographer: Yvonne Taylor
Make-Up Artist: Carl Ray, The Four Seasons
Hair: Consuella Lopez, assisted by Jason Paul,
Hela Salon & Spa, the Collection
Manicurist: Titilayo Bankole,
Stylist: Stara Pezeshkian, T.H.E. Artist Agency
Model: Leslie Caroline Wilcox
Producer: John Paul Hamilton [gallery ids="100296,107512,107520,107517" nav="thumbs"]


July 26, 2011

Dress: “Wallis” silk tulle drop waist ball gown designed by Modern Trousseau. “Wallis” sash with beaded embroidery. Available at Hitched Bridal Couture in Georgetown.

Pendant: Enhancer featuring diamond brilliant round set in 5 hearts at Adeler Jewelers in Great Falls
18 KTY white gold and diamond over 12.0 carats of brilliant diamonds set in an open lattice work design.

Ring: 14KTY two tone, featuring Blue Spinel bezel mounted diamond set in half moon filligree details of Adeler Jewelers in Great Falls

Floral Design – Ultra Violet Flowers in Georgetown

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Charmed Life

A girl who plays the “enchanted knight” by day and glamorous “rock n roller” by night is, in the words of Mick Jagger and by my definition, living a “charmed life”.
Union of Angels fashion designer Cindy Bapst describes her A/W 2010 Collection as “equestrian meets rock n roll.” With easy to wear leather and velvet fitted jackets trimmed with rich brocade detailing over a ruffled blouse, or tops with extreme cuffs and riding pants that are staples for the stables but scream confidence, feminine, and
ultra sexy on the street. From the round table to the rock concert if you dare!


Photography by Yvonne Taylor
Makeup an styling Lauretta McCoy
Hair, Master Stylist- Michelle Viscal{
Model: Stefanie Ball of Modelogic Wilhelmina

Beauty Notes By Lauretta McCoy
I recommend the Dior 5-Colour Designer Eye Palette. They come in 5 different color schemes that are all fabulous and easy to use.
Satin finish top shimmer
Light reflection
Creamy water proof eyeliner
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Secret Valor

In keeping with the season of designs, with strong military emphasis, sprinkled with soft, feminine undergarments being worn as outerwear, we celebrate the gallantry of bold garments that call to action our “Secret Valor”.

Photo by Yvonne Taylor
Styling & Makeup by Lauretta J McCoy
Model- Megan from Cima Fashions
Hair- Milory Harried [gallery ids="99573,104856,104849,104853" nav="thumbs"]

Skin Care for your Big Day


-You’re Engaged! You’ve landed the perfect guy, you’ve got a beautiful ring, you’ve found your dream dress, booked the perfect venue, hired an amazing photographer, arranged for stunning floral displays—the works. Your wedding is going to be perfect, and you are going to look gorgeous.

As a makeup artist, my philosophy is that every woman is beautiful; makeup is just the icing on the cake. When I make up a bride, I want everyone to say, “Wow! She looks stunning!”

What I don’t want people to say is, “I love your eye-shadow. Where can I get that?”

I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty. Someone once told me, “Your fragrance should never occupy a room that you don’t.” I think we can apply this theory to makeup styles as well. You want your face to look beautiful and flawless, and a flawless look starts with your skin.

The most common request I hear from brides is that they don’t want a heavy foundation that is caked on, but they want their skin to look even and clear. Now, a good makeup artist can make your skin look flawless in any condition. It’s what we do! However, I always recommend that a bride begin a good skin care regimen well in advance.

Ideally, you should visit a skincare specialist at least four to six months in advance, and have your skin evaluated so that you can begin the proper regimen for your skin type. In case you are not able to do this, don’t worry. These tips will help you, even if you start as few as three weeks in advance.

Most important, and I can’t stress this enough, DRINK!

No, not shots. I’m talking about water! It is so important that you keep your body well hydrated. And those delicious Starbucks treats, packed with wonderfully energizing caffeine, can dehydrate and create the appearance of fine lines. Water helps to rid your body of toxins, and that will help improve your overall skin condition. Remember, if you enjoy a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage: add at least one to two glasses of water to what you normally drink.

It is also critical that you eat healthy. Try and cut back on salty and greasy foods. Although snacks are tasty, salt can make your body retain fluids, which can cause your face to appear puffy. Greasy foods may cause breakouts. Try to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and avoid junk foods.

Now that we’ve covered crunch-time skin care musts, let’s talk about my favorite topic: makeup! You want to look perfect, but everyone’s idea of perfection is different.

Look at bridal magazines and find looks that you love and looks that you hate. This will help both you and your makeup artist when discussing how you want to look. Remember to take the advice of your artist as well. Your makeup artist should be able to discuss with you exactly what you like, explain how it will look on you, and recommend a lip color or eye shade that might better suit your skin tone and enhance your features. Your makeup should always be an enhancement of your natural beauty.

Schedule a makeup trial. Try and schedule this for a day that you plan on going out with your friends. That way you get to wear the makeup out for a night, get your friends opinions, and see how you feel about the look. If you have decided that you would like to wear false lashes for your wedding, have them applied for the trial. This way you will know what they feel like for several hours and you will know what to expect on your wedding day.

Finally, take a personal day. Every bride-to-be should find some time, even if it’s only for an afternoon one to two days before the wedding, to de-stress. Schedule a massage or a manicure and pedicure. This will help you relax and l….

For more information or tips visit Gina online! or email