Getting to Yes on Metro

December 20, 2017

Carol Inman Glover was a mother of two and a grandmother of three. Like thousands of people in the D.C. region, she used Metro to commute to and from work every day. On Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, Ms. Glover rode

Looking Out for One Another

December 6, 2017

The annual Salvation Army and Safeway Feast of Sharing is the official kickoff of the holiday season in the District. What a wonderful and well attended event! This year’s feast, the largest on record, brought together volunteers, residents from across

Making a Difference in Ward 2

October 25, 2017

Fall is now fully upon us. Soon we’ll start to notice leaves changing colors. This season is one of my favorite times of year, not only for the changing colors, but because I get to take notice of the work

Dogs, Bikes and Nats

October 11, 2017

Last week, the District Council wasted no time in addressing a citywide issue that affects dog owners and restaurateurs alike. On Tuesday, Oct. 3, the Council voted unanimously to pass the Dining with Dogs Emergency Act of 2017. This act

Jack Evans Report

September 28, 2017

If you’re a District resident and you’ve noticed more noise from airplanes, you’re not alone. In 2016, there were 36,653 noise complaints made to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Increased noise complaints are a result of the Federal Aviation Administration

Jack Evans Report

September 13, 2017

While most of us are enjoying the beginning of a beautiful fall, for Metrorail, in the words of Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones”: “Winter is here.”

In less than a year, there will be insufficient funds to continue repairs

Jack Evans Report

July 24, 2017

Now that we’re in the peak of summer, please be mindful of the heat in the coming days as temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 90s. Check in on your neighbors and friends and, if someone …

Jack Evans Report

July 12, 2017

With barely any time to enjoy the pleasant spring weather, summer has come roaring back to the District — and, with it, 90-degree temperatures and thick, humid air. This is the time of year when everyone should be mindful of

Jack Evans Report

June 21, 2017

Summer in Washington is fully upon us. After zigzagging temperatures through April and May, we’re now in the familiar territory of upper 80s or higher just about every day. The hot weather means it’s time to slow down and relax,

Jack Evans Report

June 7, 2017

The completion of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s SafeTrack rebuilding program is approaching. WMATA General Manager Paul Wiedefeld has announced the next steps to fix our regional transit system. The agency will undertake a new, robust preventative maintenance and