Bad News Is Good News

February 27, 2014

The employment report for the month of March released March 5, was as ugly as it gets. The consensus among economists was that around 200,000 new non-payroll jobs would be created. The number released was 88,000. Lipstick would not help …

Bad News Is Good News For Mortgage Interest Rates


Mortgage interest rates continue to hit new lows as the economy plods ahead slowly. Rates declined in reaction to disappointing job growth, according to a report released on July 6. The number of non-farm payroll jobs for June was …

Mortgage:Bad News Is Good News

January 29, 2014


Bad news for stocks can be good news
for mortgage rates. Spurred by slower
growth in China and unease in emerging
markets, the stock market has been in a correction

When the stock markets tank, bond markets
are …

Touting Local Lending, EagleBank Hits Mortgage Milestone

January 17, 2014

This September, EagleBank passed a milestone of $1 billion in mortgages. With 17 branches in the Washington metropolitan area and the bank’s 18th on the way in January, EagleBank is showing serious strength as the largest community bank in the …

Relief for FHA Customers is on the Way

In the Feb. 21st Georgetowner, the newspaper ran its mortgage with the headline, “It Is Time For Refinance Relief for FHA Mortgage Loan Holders.” My article highlighted the problem Federal Housing Administration-backed mortgage homeowners were experiencing with their desire to …

DC Market is Getting Hotter: Get Pre-Approved Now

Over the last several months, I keep hearing DC realtors saying the same thing, “Buyers are wanting to buy, but there is very little inventory on the market to sell.” In desirable areas, multiple offers seem to be common once …

Mortgage: Dodd-Frank Brings Changes for 2014

January 6, 2014


As we close out 2013, the mortgage industry is bracing for significant changes.
The new year will usher in updated rules, emanating from the Dodd-Frank legislation, as well as the tightening of FHA loan standards. These changes will make …


November 21, 2013



-The fourth quarter of 2010 is proving to be a most interesting time in mortgages. Rates are fluctuating at near record lows. House prices are trying to stabilize. Underwriting is as stringent as ever.

With house prices hovering …

Mortgage:November 20, 2013


Economic events drive mortgage rates.
The month of November showcased how
events drive markets and cause mortgage
interest rates to fluctuate.

The employment report released on Nov. 8
showed job growth of 204,000 non-farm payroll
jobs created in October. …

The Government Shutdown and the Effect on Mortgages

October 24, 2013


The short-term agreement that ended the partial government shutdown and raised the debt limit ceiling, reached by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama, was greeted by a collective sigh of relieve by the mortgage industry.

The immediate reaction …