Political Floodwaters Rise With Kavanaugh Hearing

October 1, 2018

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh presented himself as both self-confident, and, oddly, as a victim — and, more than that, the subject of persecution by the Democratic Party.  

Sports Betting on Council’s Fall Agenda

September 26, 2018

Last week, the Council of the District of Columbia returned from summer recess to convene its first legislative session since July. The Council’s 22nd legislative period is coming to an […]

CAG Report: Ready for Autumn

Written by Pam Moore Summer is definitely over. In Georgetown, you can feel the pace of life pick up: our phones ring more often, it can be difficult to answer […]

The Rush to 5G

Washington, D.C., is becoming so smart — 5G network smart, that is. We are already well into the planning stages to support the next generation of 5-plus-gigabit networks, which are […]

Early Swimming Pool Closure Is All Wet

September 12, 2018

Washington, D.C., has plenty to brag about as a great place to live and even to raise kids. One reason is the number of public swimming pools around the city. […]

17 Years Since the Day the World Changed

September 10, 2018

When was the last time people talked about that bright, clear-blue day that fell apart around 9 a.m. and spiraled into a national day of catastrophe, death, chaos and heroics?     

John McCain: The Long Goodbye

September 3, 2018

The presence and participation of the two presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, was practically an ode to embracing bipartisanship, as opposed to a eulogy for it, as well as a kind of affront to the absence of President Donald Trump.

RIP Brenna

August 22, 2018

Clothier Louis Everard’s beloved cocker spaniel, Brenna, often seen greeting guests and passersby outside his shop at 1802 Wisconsin Ave. NW, passed away after 12 loving years on earth. “I […]

To the Edi-purr

Translated from the meow To Whom It May Concern: I have long been a fan of your paper, which I love to curl up and nap on once my owner […]

Metro: No Silver Bullet

August can be a quiet time for the District Council. No hearings or votes are scheduled until we reconvene in mid-September. But I still find that Metro keeps me very […]