Paying Tribute to Papa, Fab Finds for His Day

January 17, 2014

Father’s Day is right around
the corner and what better way
to show your old man just how
much you love him than with a
gaggle of gifts? Whether he’s an
easy-going executive, a modern
maverick or a snazzy socialite,
he’s sure to enjoy embellishing
his man cave, work space or outdoor
sanctuary with any of these
thoughtful presents. [gallery ids="100848,126574,126549,126568,126557,126565" nav="thumbs"]

Spring Is in the Air, and So is Garden Care

With wonderful days of spring ahead of us, why not use the nice weather as an excuse to spruce up your outdoor areas? Whether you have a nice, big garden or a cute, little balcony – here are some ideas for turning it into an even more inviting, tranquil place for relaxing, entertaining guests and enjoying the fresh air. [gallery ids="100768,123415,123383,123409,123390,123403,123397" nav="thumbs"]

Modern Wings

With their traditional high backs and winged arms, wingback chairs provided much needed warmth but very little eye catching creativity. Yet there have been a few designers (past and present) who have taken liberates with the body hugging silhouette and created pieces that will not only stand beautifully by any fireplace, but provide the perfect conversation starter. From investment pieces to functional art, a modern wingchair can add not only comfort but be the perfect place to curl up and read this year’s first issue.

Wegner Papa Bear Chair – Designed by Hans Wagner
World renowned for blending a variety of natural material in his classic designs, Hans J. Wegner has received many international accolades for his work. Like many other Wegner chairs, The Teddy Bear Chair seems to refer to the animal kingdom with its characteristically playful and organic design. The chair received its name after a critic had referred to its armrests as, ‘Great bear paws embracing you from behind.’

The Egg – Designed by Arne Jacobsen
The Egg sprang from a new technique, which Jacobsen was the first to employ: a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. Like a sculptor, Jacobsen strove to find the shell’s perfect shape in clay at home in his garage. The cooperation between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934. Fritz Hansen products, including The Egg, can be found at Furniture from Scandinavia by Annette Rachlin in Georgetown.

Metropolitan Chair and Ottoman – Designed by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia
In 1996, Jeffrey Bernett exhibited his first collection at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York and was honored with the Editor’s Award for “Best of Show.” The Metropolitan is an inviting swivel armchair and ottoman. Its high back is the perfect mix of Italian sophistication and comfort, while the neck rest is held in place with magnets to make it adjustable for people of all heights.

Klasse Wing Back LoungeChair- Designed by Polly Westergaard
The Klasse wingback chair is based on the traditional iconic British wing back chair, which has been used and adapted through centuries. The sleek finish of this adaptation combined with the natural materials used ensures a contemporary, eye-catching piece. Polly Westergaard explores elements of past trends in her work, updating traditional designs for contemporary living, drawing on the influences of historical pieces and examining the ways in which these designs can be re-invented to function in today’s interiors.

Wingback Chair, Black Legs Designed by George Smith
A series of upholstered furniture inspired by the 18th Century British Gentleman’s Chair. The frames are made of wood from sustainable forests and stuffed with layers of natural cotton and boar bristle. The chair comes upholstered in one of 15 colors of mohair velvet. The British designer, Tom Dixon, a designer, a brand, and a personality, has been a fixture of many a design show. Dixon established his namesake design firm in 2002. Tom Dixon recently teamed with the traditional British upholstery company George Smith to create this one of a kind piece.

Big Chair- Designed by Jens Risom
Built on a walnut frame with unusual angles and three peg legs, Big Chair still provides the body hugging effects of any wingback chair. Risom was highly influenced by his father, an award-winning architect who encouraged Jens to pursue academic studies in business and contemporary design. Jens Risom is regarded as the last bastion of mid-century modernists.

Star Treck Chair – designed by Roberto Lazzeroni
Built of either American Cherry or Walnut, the Star Trek chair takes on the fimialiar form of a traditional wingback chair. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. With basic elements of the classic, Lazzeroni takes liberties by using heat resistant materials and plywood to create the frame. The chair was designed for Ceccotti Collezioni. Lazzeroni has had a very dynamic career, in which he is engaged on several fronts today, with prestigious collaborations, art directing and designing of interiors and contracting throughout different parts of the world. [gallery ids="100456,115490,115481,115443,115473,115465,115458" nav="thumbs"]

Teal Tease

October 10, 2013

As days get darker, homes get more colorful. Hints of teal and yellow will give a refreshing feel to any room during the dark fall months. Combine the colors with earthy tones of grey and brown to create an effortless chic atmosphere. [gallery ids="101490,151773,151770,151766,151762,151759,151755,151748,151752,151778,151780" nav="thumbs"]

Le Decor

September 12, 2013

The apartments and houses of Georgetown are classic, luxurious and stylish. To optimize your space in smaller or more narrow rooms while still staying true to chic Georgetown style, try these sleek modern storage items or modular furniture options. Organization at it’s finest – and classiest.

Tillary Modular Seating
West Elm (
$149 – $2196
Modular furniture is an easy way to save space in a narrow Georgetown apartment. The pieces of this Tillary seating can be rearranged to fit any space, whether they are together or separate. Try placing both pieces together in a corner or one piece on each wall for a conversation-conducive arrangement. The weighted back supports can also be moved or removed to create an impromptu guest bed for visitors.

Peekaboo Clear Nesting Tables
CB2 (
These clear nesting tables are perfect for use when table space is sparse while entertaining. Position the tables around the room during parties laden with appetizers and drinks and then simply stack them away in the corner to save space.

Julius Grass Storage Ottoman
CB2 (
Need extra storage space for winter sweaters or bulky blankets? The Julius Grass Storage Ottoman can be placed at the end of your bed or under a window as a bench seat (just add pillows). It looks stylish while adding space. Casters on the bottom also allow for an easy move.

6-Piece Cubist Modular Wall Shelf Set
CB2 (
A beautiful sculptural industrial wall shelf set displays six different dimensions that can be used to store books, photos, or any other interesting room decor. Group together or separately, or even display as free stands on tabletops or a desk for extra storage space.

Savannah Under-bed Baskets
Pottery Barn (
$24 – $44
The ultimate organizational tool: baskets. Use these rustic Savannah Under-bed Baskets for additional storage space that is out of the way and unseen. You can even substitute these baskets for a dresser and store your clothes under the bed for easy access. Replacing a dresser or bureau with these country-chic baskets will free up additional space in a room as well; the perfect solution when attempting to style a small space.

Destination Boxes-New York and Paris (Set of Four)
ZGallerie (
A stylish addition to any room, use these Destination storage boxes for important paper work on desks or stack on book shelves or wall units. They could even be used on the coffee table as the perfect place to store the remote controls.

The Container Store (
$29.99 – 99.99
Have an expanding wine collection but no wine cellar to store your favorite vino? Not a problem with this natural, unfinished wood wine rack. The modular design assembles either vertically or horizontally with little to no hassle. The best part: additional sections can be added easily when your collection grows. [gallery ids="100262,106989,106998,106984,107002,106979,107006,106974,107010,106969,106994" nav="thumbs"]

Le DecorSeptember 11, 2013

Metallic is shining on this season?s home d?cor trends. Gold-, silver- and brass-tinted accessories or smaller furniture items create the perfect glint of chic. Match them with larger pieces of dark leathers and woods to fashionably blend the cool with a glimmering pop.

Le Decor: Bringing the Beach Indoors

August 9, 2013

As summer comes to a close, you can always find ways to keep the season going in your home. Turquoises and driftwood add beachy décor necessary to keep you loving summer even as the breeze and the temperature get a little cooler. Summer never truly goes out of style. [gallery ids="101411,154873,154849,154869,154855,154865,154860" nav="thumbs"]

Le Decor: Morning Coffee

May 9, 2013

Is it spring yet? We’ve finally gotten to the point where it might be warm enough to call it that. On the way to work, I see kids are wearing shorts to school despite 50-degree morning temperatures. When it’s warm enough, the biggest luxury for me is taking the time to read the newspaper in the backyard. As my brain takes about an hour to rev up, I like to enjoy a quiet time in the backyard reading the news and pretending not to be scared about the Nats’ mediocre April record.

In keeping with the early light of the orning, simpler design with natural materials are tranquil. These side chairs by Janus et Cie remind me of Bryant Park in New York. Cityscape Planters by West Elm would look great filled succulents, and Jonathan Adler mugs are a cute vessel for a.m. fuel. [gallery ids="149568,149532,149561,149538,149556,149545,149551" nav="thumbs"]

The 2013 House Tour At a Glance

April 24, 2013

The Georgetown House Tour Patrons’ Party will be held at the home of Tom Anderson and Marc Schappell April 24. Tickets can be purchased online at There is a tea at St. John’s Church parish hall (O and Potomac Streets), 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, April 27, the day of the tour.

In addition to the tour, the Georgetown House Tour and the Georgetown Office of Doyle New York are hosting a presentation and book signing by New York-based architect Gil Schafer in Blake Hall at St. John’s Church on Thursday, May 9, at 6 p.m. Schafer’s presentation is titled “The Ingredients of a Great House.” Tickets for this event can be purchased on the Georgetown House Tour’s website as well.

Houses Featured on the Georgetown House Tour
This year’s varied selection includes nine places but 10 addresses, nearly evenly divided on the west and east sides. In a matter of hours, visitors will take in breath-taking designs and surprises of place and history. (Descriptions provided by the Georgetown House Tour.)

1671 34TH STREET
This elegant and spacious multi-level home is featured on the cover of the April issue of Veranda with a 12-page spread inside. The distinguished interior is by the owner, a nationally known designer who has a passion for classic architecture, tempered by a serene, neutral palette. Shots of brightly-colored upholstery, painted furniture and strategically placed canvases of contemporary art contribute to a relaxed, well-lived-in atmosphere that makes the grandeur of the rooms more inviting.

Bathed in light emanating from strategically placed skylights over the floating staircase and the central glass elevator shaft, the house at 3245 N Street now has a sleek contemporary appearance since its just finished total renovation by Rixey-Rixey Architects of Georgetown. The home’s modern and clean lines have been compared to that of a high-performance race car and the design and furnishings reflect the varied interests of its owners.

1316 AND 1318 33RD STREET
“The Stables,” as they are known, began life as a carriage house and stables. In the 1850s, Richard Perry, founder of Georgetown Gas Works and chairman of a local bank, built himself a suitable mansion (the large home at the corner of 33rd and O Streets) plus carriage house, stables and other temporary buildings. In 1923, Perry’s carriage house and stables were converted to residential use. The two houses (each about 1,700 square feet) contain puzzling clues to past residents: religious terra cotta tiles in the walls, stained glass windows and the ghosts of windows and doors on the exterior walls.

1687 34TH STREET
The site of 1687 34th Street was once part of the estate of heiress and socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, famous, amongst other things, for being the last private owner of the Hope Diamond. Mrs. McLean’s primary estate was on the site of what is now McLean Gardens. After she died in 1947, the property was sold to a developer who, in 1950 – 51, constructed custom townhouses on the site that reflected the look of the 19th century “period” homes of Georgetown. Mrs. Lockland Phillips (“Betty”) purchased the house, where she resided for 40 years, during which time the house held an immense collection of 19th and 20th century art, considered to be the finest in Washington.

1601 31ST STREET
This baronial-style baroque Victorian mansion on the corner of 31st and Q Streets was built in 1889 for lawyer and developer W. Taylor Birch. In 1885, Birch purchased and subdivided three lots, on which he constructed this home and 1607 31st Street. The architect for 1601 and possibly 1607 was Thomas F. Schneider, who designed many houses in Washington, but is chiefly known for designing the Cairo Hotel near Dupont Circle. The hotel’s height of 12 stories caused a furor among Washington residents and was the impetus of the Height of Buildings Act of 1899 and subsequent acts that limit the height of buildings in Washington to this day.

1552 34TH STREET
Built in the early 1930s as part of a WPA project to give work to unemployed architects, 1552 34th Street is one of a row of eight houses that share a common alley at the back. The entry door is recessed from the sidewalk through a walkway. The kitchen and dining room in the front of the house afford a view of Volta Park. Most of the furnishings are family pieces from the South. The owners have a knack for finding things many would overlook and turning them into something practical and intriguing.

This home was constructed in 1796, but has seen multiple additions throughout its history. It is semi-detached with a guest house adjacent to the main building. Six original wood-burning fireplaces remain in the house. One of the most notable additions was a kitchen and an enlarged dining room, completed in 2000. Both rooms contain banks of windows and doors that offer garden views. The addition was commissioned by then-owner Michael Sullivan and designed by Outerbridge Horsey Associates.

1300 30TH STREET
Originally built in 1807 as part of a freestanding house, this three-story Georgian-style brick home is one the earliest substantial houses in Georgetown. It originally included what is now 1302 30th Street, but the property was divided in 1887, when the mansard roofs were added. Both properties are designated as contributing properties to the Georgetown Historic District and are National Landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The federal row house at 3138 P Street, with a classic brick front, was originally designed in 1911 by local architect J.W. McIntyre for then owner and builder Elie Fabrie, who moved to Washington after his property was substantially damaged in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.? [gallery ids="101259,147692,147687,147655,147682,147677,147661,147666,147671" nav="thumbs"]

Outdoor Kitchens

October 15, 2012

The backyard has truly become an extension of the indoor living space. With the fall and winter months ahead, a leisurely experience can still be enjoyed within your backyard by creating a custom living and kitchen area. Whether you love to entertain family and friends, or just want a personal backyard retreat, check out these featured items.

1 A lounge area, perhaps centered near a fireplace, is a relaxing space for you and your guests. This set, “Lane Venture Southampton,” from Spring Valley Patio, located at 4300 Fordham Road N.W., has a variety of furniture and materials to choose from; wicker, teak, wrought iron, cast aluminum and stainless steel are among those collections.

2 Making your own pizza is easy and fast with the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven, available on Mounted on the countertop, the oven bakes a crisp pizza in minutes; adjustable gas burners on top and bottom allow for higher temperatures than a regular oven.

3 Guests at your bar will need a place to sit; this Koko II Januswood barstool from Janus et Cie offers a comfortable option. The frame also comes in silver; visit the showroom at 3304 M Street N.W. for selections to match your bar.

4 When it gets cooler, an infrared heater is a great option for heating up an area. Lynx offers several options for your heater, by making options available for a freestanding heater or a mounted heater. [gallery ids="101006,134834,133596,133604" nav="thumbs"]