Republican Withdraws From Ward 2 Special Election

Katherine Venice, the sole Republican candidate for the District Council vacancy created by Jack Evans's resignation, plans to remain a candidate for the seat in the November 3 general election.

Jack Evans Fined Thousands

Even if Evans wins the June 2 primary, his Council colleagues have made it very clear that they don’t want him back.

Teaching Online Is a Challenge

It’s been eight weeks since the coronavirus pandemic closed schools in D.C. and teachers were told they had to teach all their classes online....

Traffic Alert: M St. Resurfacing

The work, scheduled from May 20 through June 12, will take place Monday through Friday from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., weather permitting.

1,200 Gourmet Meals for Four Seasons Staff

Packed up in more than 400 takeaway bags, the meals were given to furloughed employees in a drive-through area in the hotel garage for Mother’s Day. 

ANC Supports Big Plans for Water St.

The preliminary plans include “tactical” concrete sidewalks along the 3400-3500 blocks of Water Street, along with a two-way bikeway, a traffic roundabout and changes to on-street parking.

BID and Halcyon Extend Emergency Relief

The Georgetown Business Improvement District is also offering technical assistance to small business owners trying to apply to the second round of the Payroll Protection Program.

Ward 2 Candidates Q&A, Part 2

The Georgetowner asked the candidates for the Ward 2 seat on the District Council: "What impending budget cuts do you favor?" Here are their responses ...

Approved: Water Tunnel Under Waterfront Park

When completed in 2030, the project is expected to reduce the volume of combined sewer overflows into District waters by an estimated 96 percent.

In Lockdown, Every Pet Is a Therapy Animal

The Georgetowner wants to hear all about the hijinks, shenanigans and adorable (deplorable?) behavior of our readers’ furry friends.