The Original Rules of Tennis

It's tennis season, and you need to know what it takes to look fashion-savvy in Washington or Wimbledon. Let us give you some ideas for looking great on and off the court. Game, set, match! Fashion Editor/Photographer: Yvonne Taylor Creative Director/Makeup Artist: Lauretta J. McCoy Model: Juanita for CIMA Fashion Hair: Milroy Harried [gallery ids="99181,103244,103260,103249,103257,103254" nav="thumbs"]

Going Places

Fall fashion is elegant, easy and just right for you girls on the go! From the runways to your closet, looking fabulous for fall is here. Yvonne Taylor: Fashion Editor and Photographer Lauretta McCoy: Creative Director for Fashion [gallery ids="99193,103331,103324,103328" nav="thumbs"]

Blooming Affair

Photo Credits: Photographer Yvonne Taylor Stylist/MakeUp Lauretta McCoy Hair by Monae Everett; Model Gabrielle Downing At CIMA Talent Management [gallery ids="99215,103505,103501,103499" nav="thumbs"]

Charmed Life

A girl who plays the "enchanted knight" by day and glamorous "rock n roller" by night is, in the words of Mick Jagger and by my definition, living a "charmed life". Union of Angels fashion designer Cindy Bapst describes her A/W 2010 Collection as "equestrian meets rock n roll." With easy to wear leather and velvet fitted jackets trimmed with rich brocade detailing over a ruffled blouse, or tops with extreme cuffs and riding pants that are staples for the stables but scream confidence, feminine, and ultra sexy on the street. From the round table to the rock concert if you dare! ([] Photography by Yvonne Taylor []( Makeup an styling Lauretta McCoy []( Hair, Master Stylist- Michelle Viscal{ Model: Stefanie Ball of Modelogic Wilhelmina Beauty Notes By Lauretta McCoy I recommend the Dior 5-Colour Designer Eye Palette. They come in 5 different color schemes that are all fabulous and easy to use. Satin finish top shimmer Light reflection Creamy water proof eyeliner [gallery ids="99257,104295,104289,104292" nav="thumbs"]

Knock Out Abuse A Night For Fashion

Description of Pictures in order of appearance: All that Glitters is Gold Caroline Horrigan, a committee member for the Knock Out Abuse event Thursday night, was gorgeous in gold. Her strapless Aidan Maddox dress was the perfect cocktail party dress. Holidays, here we come. One of a Kind The ultra-stylish Sisy Lates looked stunning in her silver Halston dress with crystal neckline at the Ritz on Thursday night. The peep-toe Christian Louboutin shoes and sparkle drop earrings added to the elegance. This is style at its best. Green Goddess Denyse Aaron had the ladylike look down to perfection in her green jeweled-tone Dolce & Gabbana dress. Top that with her super cool Vera Wang strappy heels and you have sheer sophistication. Mad Man, here she comes Timeless Beauty There are super models and then there are legends -- Lauren Hutton is both. She was a standout Thursday night at the Knock Out Abuse dinner in her vintage Georgio Armani navy pinstripe suit and 1930s Joseph of Hollywood statement pin. Now, if the only rest of us could take beauty lessons from her. Rock & Roll Sharon Bradley knows how to spice up the, sometimes, dull little black dress. She rocked her edgy Herv’e Leger cut- out black dress and sexy black Prada heels. No color needed here. Mix and Match Sometimes dresses can miss as a fashion statement. This dress is one of these times -- a shirt with a skirt, turned into a dress whose patterns do not match. If in doubt, please stay simple -- it is always best. Into the Wild I love animal prints, but a little goes a long way. This glitzy Zebra jacket/ dress over powers this woman. Maybe a much shorter jacket and a cute red bag would suit her better. [gallery ids="99559,104630,104614,104626,104622,104619" nav="thumbs"]

Secret Valor

In keeping with the season of designs, with strong military emphasis, sprinkled with soft, feminine undergarments being worn as outerwear, we celebrate the gallantry of bold garments that call to action our "Secret Valor". Photo by Yvonne Taylor Styling & Makeup by Lauretta J McCoy Model- Megan from Cima Fashions Hair- Milory Harried [gallery ids="99573,104856,104849,104853" nav="thumbs"]

It’s A Wonderful Life

Custom, consignment, vintage and fresh off the runways of Paris, London and Milan, right in your own backyard. Fashion to fit your Holiday budget and properly accessorize and brighten your special occasions with yuletide and cheer. Yvonne Taylor, Fashion Editor/Photographer Lauretta McCoy, Creative Director for Fashion/Makeup and Styling [gallery ids="99585,104920,104916,104912,104909" nav="thumbs"]

What Brides Should Know

From the venue & caterer, to picking out the perfect apparel for both you and your groom, finding the hottest trends for weddings can be a duanting task. We’ve gone to the biggest names in the industry to answer your toughest questions all in one place! ____ Mary Bird ---- Socialite What are three things you look for in a wedding venue? Mary: It should accommodate the right number of guests, inside or outside, depending on the season. You also have to think about accessibility. If you’re having a reception at a hotel, you have the added convenience of being able to put guests up there. What are the top wedding venues in DC? Mary: There are the obvious ones like the Willard, the Hay-Adams, and National Arboretums. The Anderson House on Massachusetts is a beautiful location, and the Fairmont Hotel Colonnade does a lot of weddings, which is very pretty because you have the interior patio there too. The Womens Museum does weddings as well, and they have the most beautiful staircases to come down. Also in the Middleburg area there are beautiful places, with country inns, etc. What’s your favorite thing about attending a wedding? Mary: Weddings are just so special, it’s a wonderful time. It’s the start of a new life for people, and I think its always so special because you have all these people that come together that wouldn’t otherwise at one big party. Its just such a happy time, and a magical occasion. ___ Walter Nicholls ---- Former Washington Post Food Editor Do you prefer a buffet or fully catered meal? Walter: I like a meal because I like being able to stay in one place. I think it’s more elegant to be seated and have service since it is such a special occasion, rather than work a table. How many options should a bride offer her guests? Walter: I would say that three options would be appropriate. I would stay away from lamb. Offer filet, the ever-popular salmon, as well as a vegetarian option. You want to have something that people are familiar with and not get too crazy. What type of food do you like best when you attend a wedding? Walter: Personally, I would love ethnic food such as Indian or Asian, rather than salmon, but that’s what people have. What is the biggest tip you could give about finding a caterer? Walter: I would highly suggest finding a caterer with a really well trained staff, because that makes all the difference in the world. Things can definitely go wrong, but if you have a good wait staff they will know what to do. ___ Barbara Crane & Kathleen O’Meara Abramson ---- Executive Travel Associates What are some current popular travel destinations? Barbara: Tahiti, Bora Bora and Bali are in great demand. They have so much to offer those seeking a fantasy escape: privacy, beautiful beaches and incredibly luxurious accommodations, like over water bungalows, which are so exotic, romantic and decadent, combined with the ability to experience dramatic and mystical scenery. Another fabulous destination that comes to mind is Mauritius with a side trip to Africa for a short safari. Kathleen: For those without the time to travel as far but still wanting locales with fantastic architecture, turquoise water and powdery, private beaches, Anguilla and The Turks and Caicos come to mind. What tips do you have for couples looking for a deal in finding honeymoon accommodations? Kathleen: I would be very careful using the term “deal” when referring to your honeymoon – especially if you want to make it to your first anniversary! It’s probably best to think of in terms of value. An experienced travel agent that works with honeymooners is your best bet for getting the most for your money and the best experience. G: How early should a couple start planning their honeymoon? Kathleen and Barbara: It is never too early to start researching the destinations that you are considering, and it is best to be on the same page, or at least in the same chapter, as your partner. It is also really helpful if you can make a list of your preferences, and then we can help you sort it out. We have excellent ground contacts worldwide so we can usually get what we need in terms of amenities, guides, access to local events, etc. ___ Carine Krawiec ---- Carine’s Bridal Atelier Do you see a trend in brides picking a color while allowing bridesmaids to choose their own style of dresses? Carine: You are always going to see that but I think what they do is pick the color and then the bridesmaids pick the style, all from the same designer. It’s definitely a trend that is a becoming bigger. I think brides are realizing that everything isn’t going to look good on everyone, but they still do have a bridal opinion, they aren’t going to give them full range. What are the biggest styles in wedding dresses this year? Carine: Dresses with a lot of tulle giving it a lot of the ballerina feel. You are also seeing a lot of crystals, not like a heavily embroidered ball gown, but cascading down the dress. Peplum is also becoming very popular, giving the dress a soft wave. Some brides are also opting to stay more traditional with lace. For Spring 2012 we’re anticipating a lot more modest designs for Kate Middleton to wear in her wedding. With a lot of emphasis being put on after parties, women are very interested in having a short dress they can change into for the reception in order to get more comfortable. ___ Carin and Julia ---- Hitched Bridal Couture How long does it typically take for a dress to be made after the initial fitting? Carin and Julia: We generally advise our customers to order their dress no less than 6 months out. A lot of designers take 12-16 weeks so we like to build in a little extra time. What are the current trends in hair accessories and veils? Carin and Julia: I think we still see a lot of people using veils, but it depends on their dresses. We see veils that are short with a lot of volume as well as longer more traditional veils. The venue and personality of the bride are what really affect those things. ___ Louis Everard & Jennifer Nygard ---- Everard’s Clothier Instead of a traditional tux, how would you suggest a groom dress up a suit? Louis: A suit is perfectly acceptable for a wedding, and when a groom makes the decision to wear a suit, it is the accessories which become of utmost importance in defining the look for a wedding. Absolutely the groom should wear a white shirt, which is most formal, and he may wish to try a cutaway collar. The other accessories, such as a tie, bowtie or pocket square should be chosen in a more formal fabric or color but can also be coordinated to the bride or the bridesmaids dresses to give a coordinated look for the wedding party. A nice option is to wear a silk vest that picks up the wedding colors and also gives a nice look when the groom takes off his jacket. What are some ways the groomsmen can stand out? Louis: The groomsmen should never outdress the groom, so the groomsmen attire should be chosen to complement the groom. For example, if the groom is wearing a suit vs. a tux, then the groomsmen should also wear suits or jackets, but not formal attire. We have done many weddings where the groom wears a suit and the groomsmen wear navy blazers coordinated to either a gray or khaki pant. The pants may even be a color such as Nantucket red if this coordinates back to the wedding colors. As with the groom, the groomsmen accessories should pick up the colors of the bridesmaid and the overall wedding for a coordinated look. ___ Adrian Loving ---- DJ About Town What should a couple look for when seeking a DJ for their wedding? Adrian: They should look for someone professional and responsible who has good taste in music, but they also need to be very clear about what they want. It’s hard when I’m approached by the couple and told to play a certain type of music and then friends and family request something different, because then there isn’t much I can do. What song would you rather not hear at a wedding? Adrian: The cupid shuffle, or electric slide. Yeah, I don’t play them, but people ask for them. Any line dancing 80s or 90s. How do you entice the guests at a wedding to get up and dance? Adrian: I usually ask the bride and groom their favorite song and then get on the mic and invite people to come dance with the couple, and they usually do. ___ Heidi Kallett ---- Dandelion Patch How long does it typically take for custom invitations to be printed? Heidi: We suggest that you allow 4 weeks for production of your wedding invitations from date of proof approval. For some people that means that you should begin looking six months before your wedding, and for others that means to start looking eight months before your wedding. It completely depends on your decision-making process and your ability to trust your stationer to create your vision. Would you recommend sending out save the date cards? How far in advance? Heidi: Absolutely. It happens all too often that brides have friends and family that can’t attend their wedding because vacation plans were already made for that year. Typically we suggest to mail a save the date announcement the minute you confirm your date and location. Usually we see this happen around month nine. What styles of invitations are most popular? Heidi: Today we are seeing a throw-back to vintage. Tons of damask designs and ornate fonts are the rage right now. We’re also seeing paper being printed everywhere! Think backsides of invitations, envelopes and tags-- nothing is off-limits! And for color, think rich aubergine matched with platinum and peacock blues and greens and you won’t be far off.

Skin Care for your Big Day

  -You’re Engaged! You’ve landed the perfect guy, you’ve got a beautiful ring, you’ve found your dream dress, booked the perfect venue, hired an amazing photographer, arranged for stunning floral displays—the works. Your wedding is going to be perfect, and you are going to look gorgeous. As a makeup artist, my philosophy is that every woman is beautiful; makeup is just the icing on the cake. When I make up a bride, I want everyone to say, “Wow! She looks stunning!” What I don’t want people to say is, “I love your eye-shadow. Where can I get that?” I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty. Someone once told me, “Your fragrance should never occupy a room that you don’t.” I think we can apply this theory to makeup styles as well. You want your face to look beautiful and flawless, and a flawless look starts with your skin. The most common request I hear from brides is that they don’t want a heavy foundation that is caked on, but they want their skin to look even and clear. Now, a good makeup artist can make your skin look flawless in any condition. It’s what we do! However, I always recommend that a bride begin a good skin care regimen well in advance. Ideally, you should visit a skincare specialist at least four to six months in advance, and have your skin evaluated so that you can begin the proper regimen for your skin type. In case you are not able to do this, don’t worry. These tips will help you, even if you start as few as three weeks in advance. Most important, and I can’t stress this enough, DRINK! No, not shots. I’m talking about water! It is so important that you keep your body well hydrated. And those delicious Starbucks treats, packed with wonderfully energizing caffeine, can dehydrate and create the appearance of fine lines. Water helps to rid your body of toxins, and that will help improve your overall skin condition. Remember, if you enjoy a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage: add at least one to two glasses of water to what you normally drink. It is also critical that you eat healthy. Try and cut back on salty and greasy foods. Although snacks are tasty, salt can make your body retain fluids, which can cause your face to appear puffy. Greasy foods may cause breakouts. Try to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and avoid junk foods. Now that we’ve covered crunch-time skin care musts, let’s talk about my favorite topic: makeup! You want to look perfect, but everyone’s idea of perfection is different. Look at bridal magazines and find looks that you love and looks that you hate. This will help both you and your makeup artist when discussing how you want to look. Remember to take the advice of your artist as well. Your makeup artist should be able to discuss with you exactly what you like, explain how it will look on you, and recommend a lip color or eye shade that might better suit your skin tone and enhance your features. Your makeup should always be an enhancement of your natural beauty. Schedule a makeup trial. Try and schedule this for a day that you plan on going out with your friends. That way you get to wear the makeup out for a night, get your friends opinions, and see how you feel about the look. If you have decided that you would like to wear false lashes for your wedding, have them applied for the trial. This way you will know what they feel like for several hours and you will know what to expect on your wedding day. Finally, take a personal day. Every bride-to-be should find some time, even if it’s only for an afternoon one to two days before the wedding, to de-stress. Schedule a massage or a manicure and pedicure. This will help you relax and l.... For more information or tips visit Gina online! or email

Historic DC Weddings

Imagine your wedding day as national headline news, read from DC to Des Moines. You, your groom and your guest list are the subject of Washington’s biggest event of the year, and anyone who’s anyone is going to be there. Marjorie Merriweather Post became accustomed to this tradition, as the bride in four of her own weddings, and the unofficial wedding planner for each of her three daughters. As the daughter of Charles William Postum, the founder of Postum Cereal Company (now Post and General Mills cereal) Mrs. Post was a distinguished socialite, with an eye for putting on spectacular events. A regular host of Washington socialite dinner parties, Mrs. Post had a remarkable list of contacts, including Washington’s elite. Pulling from these contacts, Mrs. Post created the guest lists for each of the weddings she planned. These traditional white weddings stood apart from the rest because both the bride and her guests were all Washington socialites, and the events they attended were guaranteed to be grand. Both as a bride and a planner, Marjorie Post had an extraordinary ability to envision an event from start to finish, scrupulously putting every last detail in place. In her second wedding to E.F. Hutton, Mrs. Post coordinated everything from her dress and flowers down to the color of the icing on the cake. Very interested in fashion, Mrs. Post’s wedding dresses reflected the most prominent styles of the time. The first dress she wore to her 1905 wedding to Edward Close was very traditional, featuring a high collar and more fitted bodice. This changed drastically by her 1935 wedding to Joseph E. Davies, when she wore a dress of true Hollywood glam made of velvet with a seven-foot train. By her fourth wedding in 1958, she chose to embrace the popularity of the shorter gown, despite being nearly 70 years old. Besides having an incredible eye for design, it was the way in which Mrs. Post carried out these events that made them a cut above the rest. By sending out reminders before the event occurred and thank-you notes in appreciation of all those attended, Marjorie Post had perfected the role of a socialite in gaining the respect of all who knew her. Although Mrs. Post’s gatherings had a reputation for extravagance, and her guest list filled with Washington’s most powerful names, many of the traditions were no different than weddings of today. As a bride herself, Marjorie Post certainly had her bridal opinion, picking the color, style, fabric and design of her bridesmaids’ dresses. As the mother of three young brides, Mrs. Post had a strong hand in navigating their weddings as well, using her contacts to secure an amazing event. Just as today, historic Washington socialite weddings were a monumental moment in the bride’s life, the planning as much of an event as the wedding itself. In observing the traditional ways weddings have been done in the past we can all gain a greater appreciation for the traditions we still carry out today. For more information on Marjorie Merriweather Post visit the Hillwood Museum’s upcoming exhibit featuring all four of Mrs. Post’s wedding dresses and many other wedding artifacts. [gallery ids="99594,105020,105009,105016,105013" nav="thumbs"]