Cook on a Whim: Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Muffins

The olive oil adds a hint of sophistication, but these are still the friendly, comforting, delicious little morsels we all know and love, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face no matter what.

Downtowner DC: March on Washington, Eateries, Bedbugs

Kramerbooks will stay put in Dupont for at least three years and a new spot for socially-distanced drinking opened in Shaw.

Cook on a Whim: Pesto-Crusted Halibut

Here's an incredibly flavorful, satisfying meal that happens to be quite healthy. It comes across as kind of fancy, but truly couldn’t be easier to prepare (four ingredients!).

Cocktail of the Month: Hanson the Heartbreaker

This drink was created by a bartender who is extremely popular with the female clientele of a flying saucer-shaped bar in Bratislava.

Cook on a Whim: Ratatouille With Poached Eggs

Serve with some good crusty bread, lots of fresh herbs, a sprinkle of creamy, sharp cheese just to gild the lily a bit. And, of course, we can’t forget the wine.

The Latest Dish

Kramerbooks & Afterwords owner Steve Salis will soon morph the landmark Dupont bookstore and 24-hour café at 1517 Connecticut Ave. NW into a bar...

Cook on a Whim: Classic No-Bake Cookies

Updated by using real chopped chocolate (not cocoa powder), these are so, so good — more like a candy than a cookie.

Reenergized: Rose Park Farmer’s Market

The market boasts new vendors, enthusiastic young volunteers — including teenagers who are maintaining the market’s Instagram and Facebook accounts — and a community-friendly configuration.

Cook on a Whim: Brown Butter Peach Crisp

This version has warm, bubbling peaches, a higher than usual crumble-to-fruit ratio and a lot less sugar than most crisp/crumble recipes.

Cook on a Whim: Grilled Greek Flatbreads

Flatbreads are quick and endlessly versatile — the perfect salty, savory nibble to pair with a cool cocktail or glass of rosé.